For our comfort, we use a lot of gadgets on a daily basis. They are usually very useful and make our lives much easier. You may have already thought about what the gadgets of the future might look like and what they will be used for. Many start-ups and international firms are asking themselves the same questions and working to create this future that is clearly emerging today. The future is now and to prove it there are already exceptional gadgets. Here are some unusual gadgets that seem straight out of a sci-fi movie.

La Nike Adapt

This pair from the famous brand has a system that allows you to lace up your shoes using Nike Adapt technology. This technology is used to adapt the shoe according to the morphology of the user’s foot. Using your phone, you can control the settings of the shoe. Which means you can control lacing, battery level and more.

The possibility of customizing the indicator lights that the shoe carries also exists. On iOS, access to shortcuts is available using Siri to be able to control the shoe by voice. Charging is done by placing the shoe on a mat and the colored lights let you know what the charge level is. Even unloaded, the shoe can be removed, simply by unlacing it. The presentation video is mind-blowing, and a shoe that you can control with your voice is amazing, you have to admit.

The AIRXOM mask

This mask provides total respiratory protection for its user. It is designed to protect against pollution, viruses and bacteria. This triple action mask is used to filter dust, fine particles or pollen and it inactivates microorganisms and destroys pollutants. This mask could prove to be very useful for many people, especially in view of the current situation with the Covid.

It is very useful, for example, for people with asthma, allergies (pollen, mold, etc.) or immunocompromised people. The mask can also be used by health professionals who are often in contact with contagious or fragile people, sophisticated equipment, or work in risky environments. As a senior or regular user of public transport, the mask can also protect you. It is the same for sportsmen outdoors and during walks in town. The icing on the cake, the mask is simply magnificent.

Google Glasses

Straight out of the labs of the American firm, these virtual reality glasses should be used to break the language barrier that exists between people. These glasses are used to give their user a translation using augmented reality and this in real time.

The device takes care of displaying the translation of a conversation that is taking place at the moment and that the glasses can “listen” to thanks to the integrated microphones. This device could also be used by people with deafness who can follow conversations in real time. This opens up a world of possibilities. Imagine being able to chat with everyone regardless of the language thanks to your glasses.


This Bluetooth speaker produced by OM Audio has a special feature: it floats. Indeed, this sphere-shaped enclosure levitates above its circular base. This plug-in base is magnetic, allowing the speaker to levitate. The device has 15 hours of autonomy and has a microphone.

It is transportable outdoors for your various outings. According to the designers, the spherical shape of the device allows better propagation of sound in all directions. This speaker can add value to your decor, by bringing a futuristic touch.

High-tech motorcycle helmet: Tali

Under the air of an astronaut helmet, Tali is a high-tech helmet whose design is largely influenced by the technologies incorporated into it. In addition to being wide, the screen, photochromic, allows you to see well by adapting at high speed to the ambient light. The luminaries device installed on the helmet has the function of making you visible to others and adapts to the signals of the motorcycle. The helmet is connected to Bluetooth and gives you access to a voice command to control your phone while driving.

SenseGlove gloves

Your dream of touching the virtual becomes more and more real with the SenseGlove. The gloves of this brand give you the feeling of the density and texture of virtual objects thanks to one of the most advanced technologies in the field. The virtual experience becomes much more intuitive with the force feedback and the vibrotactile function. This glove is appreciated by professionals and used in more than 100 companies, including Volkswagen or Airbus. In addition to being easy to use, it slips on in different sizes and can adapt to any hand.

Mojo Vision Contact Lenses

Imagine virtual reality headsets, but in contact lenses. This is the bet in which the start-up Mojo Vision has embarked. This technology would not be possible without the presence of miniature elements such as microLEDs which are the size of “a grain of sand”. In addition to being useful in everyday life, these lenses could be used by various professionals to visualize in real time the data necessary for their tasks. The use in the field of vision correction could also be explored.

The Muse S Headband (Gen 2)

These headbands straight from the future help you fall asleep quickly and ensure optimal rest. This digital sleep device helps you fall asleep and get back to sleep if you wake up in the night. It reacts to your brain activity and helps you find restful sleep.

Le Bot Care

This robot, which reminds us a little of Pixar’s Wall-E, is programmed to understand your behavior and react accordingly. Assistant or companion, it sends you reminders according to your schedule or your habits. The robot has a display screen in front and another above the head for your calls and meetings scheduled in your agenda.

The Handy Bot

This giant robot Samsung is designed to provide additional help around the home. Thanks to artificial intelligence, he is able to pick up different objects in the house. They can estimate the weight of objects and the force needed to lift them. This all-purpose robot will help its user sort dishes, clean the house, set the table and even serve wine.

On a daily basis, to make our lives easier, we need certain gadgets. Many of these that we dream of for the future already exist and are definitely worth seeing. In the design of these jewels of high-tech, firms and ambitious start-ups. From healthcare to virtual reality to security, you have these gadgets that come straight from the future at your disposal.

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