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Microsoft is starting to really ask questions about the future of Windows 11. Indeed, the latest version of the operating system does not please everyone, especially gamers, but this big change risks tipping the scales.

A new file explorer for Windows 11

If you’re an old-timer, you’ve probably experienced the old versions of Windows with its vintage designs. Windows slightly changes the interface and design of its file explorer, and for good reason, it should not upset the long-time regulars.

Whether you’re a gamer or not, you’ve discovered all of these Windows refreshes over the generations. Today, the design is much more streamlined compared to Windows 8, which completely changed user habits. Unfortunately, Windows 11 is clearly failing to meet with great success. The fault with the technical specifications sometimes too complex for the old machines to be able to update, and obviously, the crisis of electronic components which prevents the manufacturers from selling many machines under Windows. Currently, Windows 10 still remains in the lead, and even though an update to version 11 is still possible, users continue to play the conservative game.

Under Windows 11, the interface changes, a little to mimic what we find at Apple, with the shortcuts in the middle of the taskbar. The design is much more streamlined with pastel colors that are softer to the eye. It was then that Microsoft published documents showing what the Windows 11 file explorer could look like. The American firm has already been claiming for several months that it wants to drastically change the graphical interface of the OS, but it is today we can see the first results.

On Windows Centralan official Microsoft site, we can see that Windows 11 will try to modernize with files and folders in the form of small boxes, as well as the rest of the files at the bottom of the window. A “recommended for you” tab will also be present to guide you to the files you consult most often. Other features will of course be added with this update.

A more modern and accessible version of Windows 11

The purpose of this update is above all to help users better navigate through the content available on their machine. A “Home” button is added to return directly to the desktop. We can also notice a whole pinning system of files and folders in order to better navigate.

Concerning the functionalities, the explorer should be able to offer a visualization of the files via an image directly via the file explorer. By passing the mouse over the latter, we can have a better overview of the content, so as not to open the wrong folder. Files can now be tagged via a color system, much like what is found on MacOS.

This redesign still has a few surprises in store and we can discover all of this with the 23H2 update, which is supposed to arrive next fall.

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