Smartwatches are wearables with a touch screen. These watches can, among other things, control your smartphone remotely. So you can use your watch to control playback on your favorite music platform. Or, remotely trigger the taking of photos on your smartphone, answer / make calls, read or answer your SMS, give an order to your voice assistant…

Connected watches can most often launch applications. This can for example be a metronome application that relies on the vibrator to give you the tempo silently. Or a currency converter. As a bonus, they incorporate a set of sensors. Almost all smartwatches on the market contain a GPS chip and a heart rate sensor. These two sensors make it possible to collect precise information on your health and your sports exercises.

In some cases, the watch can give you advice, or even alerts, for example if it detects a too rapid variation in your heart rate. From there, manufacturers can add other health, prevention and/or fitness-oriented sensors and functionalities. The best connected watch 2021 is from this point of view the Apple Watch Series 7 thanks to its advanced features such as the ECG sensor, oxygen sensor and fall detection.

But also its performance, its interface, and its XXL screen. However, before choosing the connected watch of your dreams, it should be noted that they are not all necessarily compatible with your smartphone. No Apple Watch works on Android smartphones. Conversely, many models of connected watches under wearOS do not work on iPhone. However, more and more manufacturers are offering watches that are compatible with both ecosystems.

Top 5 best smartwatch 2021 :

  1. Apple Watch Ultra
  2. Apple Watch Series 8
  3. Apple Watch SE
  4. Google Pixel Watch
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  6. Withings ScanWatch

Apple Watch Ultra: for seasoned athletes

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At the end of 2022, Apple surprised its fans by launching the Apple Watch Ultra, a connected watch designed for adventurers and sportsmen in natural environments.

Bigger, heavier, it is also more advanced than all the brand’s other watches. Equipped with a dual GPS, capable of diving up to 40 meters under water, it is resistant to extreme temperatures (from -20°C to 50°C).

Sold 999 euro, it is aimed at an audience of seasoned athletes and is therefore not recommended for everyone. If you’re into trail running, hiking, diving, marathons, triathlons or (if you’re crazy) Ironman, this watch is for you. Otherwise, another Apple model will do the trick.

Apple Watch Ultra Loop Alpine at the best price Base price: €999

Apple Watch Series 8: the top of the Apple range

test apple watch se 2022 vs series 8

Where is the Apple Watch Series 8? © Lemon squeezer

If the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t for you, the Series 8 might just appeal to you, provided you have a comfortable budget. Proposed at 499 eurosthe Series 8 does not bring great novelties compared to the previous generation.

In reality, it is in all respects identical to the Series 7 but includes a bonus temperature sensor to assess the periods of ovulation.

That doesn’t stop the Series 8 from being the highest-end consumer Apple Watch available today. But also one of the best connected watches on the market, provided you have an iPhone.

Apple Watch S8 GPS 41mm at the best price Base price: €499

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Apple Watch S8 GPS 45mm at the best price Base price: €539

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Apple Watch SE: the most recommended

test apple watch se 2022 design

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If we had to recommend just one watch for iPhone users, it would be the Apple Watch SE. The reason is simple: it’s Apple’s best value for money watch.

Admittedly, Apple recycles a good package of technologies, but in use, the Apple Watch SE does most of what the Series 8 does. On a daily basis or for monitoring your sports activity, the Apple Watch SE will respond the needs of 90% of users.

Proposed at 299 euros, The Apple Watch SE is unquestionably one of the best smartwatches on the market, but still reserved for iPhone users.

Apple Watch SE 40mm midnight at the best price Base price: €299

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Apple Watch SE 44mm midnight at the best price Base price: €339

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Google Pixel Watch: the little news

test google pixel watch taille

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After years of waiting, Google has finally launched its connected watch. Soberly called Pixel Watch, it was undoubtedly among the most anticipated products of fans.

The reason is simple: Google has so far offered no equivalent alternative to the Apple Watch in the Android universe. The Pixel Watch is here, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Without being the best connected watch on the market, it is the best optimized for Android smartphone users. Among its strong points, we will note its very beautiful circular screen, its design with exemplary finishes or its minimalist, fluid and complete interface.

To monitor your health data and sports activity, Google relies on the Fitbit app which he now owns. Only regret: to take advantage of all the features, a subscription is necessary.

Google Pixel Watch at the best price Base price: €379

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: the most complete

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro


It is not without flaws either, but it still remains the most complete connected watch in the Android universe. She is the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from Samsung, the latest striking out of the drawers of South Korea.

Not a revolution in itself, but a very complete watch, especially for Samsung smartphone users. Certain functions are indeed reserved for models of its own (ECG and blood pressure monitor) but that does not prevent the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from being convincing for other users.

Among its assets, we note the quality of the materials, its magnificent screen or its good autonomy. Above all, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro embeds WearOS with OneUI, a winning duo that has no equal on the market.

Proposed at 469 euros, it is positioned as a high-end model, the Android equivalent of the Apple Watch. It is therefore better to use it before going to the checkout. Otherwise, the Galaxy Watch 5 also does the job very well if your budget is more contained.

Galaxy Watch5 at the best price Base price: €299

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Withings ScanWatch: the most elegant

Withings ScanWatch lifestyle


If smartwatches with a screen don’t have the elegance you’re looking for, the Withings ScanWatch might just be for you. At first glance, nothing suggests that it is a connected watch.

Its dial is based on a clockwork system that could not be more classic. A very small screen gives contextual information and that’s it.

This allows it to combine elegance and autonomy, the absence of a screen allowing it to outclass all its competitors. In addition to this attractive design, the Withings ScanWatch is distinguished by its very advanced health functions and its application as simple as it is complete.

We regret the absence of GPS and monitoring of sports activities a little behind. But for 300 eurosit remains one of our favorite connected watches.

Withings ScanWatch at the best price Base price: €279

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Conclusion: to buy the best connected watch, be careful not to go wrong

Don’t buy an Apple Watch if you don’t have an iPhone. Or Galaxy Watch 5 if you don’t have an Android smartphone. For now, when it comes to compatibility, there are a lot of different situations that can be misleading. In our top of the best connected watches 2021, many models are compatible with both ecosystems while others are not. In general, if your budget allows it, we advise you to buy the most popular connected watches in your ecosystem instead.

Also take into account in your choice certain functionalities whose effectiveness has been proven, for example fall detection. If you Google “fall detection” you will read many news items in which we learn that users have been saved by this feature following an accident. Health features such as pulse detection or oxygen levels are also the source of surprising stories. Because yes, your connected watch can become in a way your Saint Bernard, always ready to get you out of trouble in the event of a glitch.

Autonomy can also be a decisive choice, but beware: the watches that go the furthest in this area are far from being the most complete and perfected. In the end, as far as possible, we recommend that you, when you do not know a watch model well, go and test it in store. You will then see very quickly whether or not the device can fit into your habits.

Apple Watch Series 7

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