It’s a nice Christmas present, isn’t a connected watch? But which model to choose? For iPhone users, the first choice is obviously on the side of Apple.

This year, the Apple Watch range consists of three models: the Ultra, the Series 8 and the SE. But which one is for you? Which can you give for Christmas? And for what uses? We help you choose!

Apple Watch Ultra : le nec plus ultra

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While Apple has only offered two ranges of watches in the catalog for years, the Apple Watch Ultra came to shake up the codes in 2022.

Although it’s Apple’s most advanced watch, we don’t recommend it to everyone. First because its price of 999 euros the reserve to a public with comfortable finances.

Above all, for this price, it is better to exploit its capabilities. The Apple Watch Ultra has been designed for an audience of very demanding adventurers and sports enthusiasts. Thicker, heavier, it is also stronger and designed to accompany you in extreme conditions.

The Apple Watch Ultra is resistant to extreme cold (down to -20°C) but also to extreme heat (up to 50°C). It can also accompany divers up to 40 meters deep. It has a multitude of sensors, each more sophisticated than the next, can alert the emergency services if you are lost in the pampas or guide you to the nearest meter in remote areas of any civilization.

The Apple Watch Ultra is therefore a watch designed for adventurers, extreme sports enthusiasts or very demanding athletes preparing for marathons, trails and other Ironmans. For others, Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE are more recommended.

Apple Watch Ultra is for you if:

  • you are an adventurer
  • You practice extreme sports (in natural environments)
  • You practice sports such as trail, marathon, triathlon or Ironman
  • You have a very comfortable budget

Apple Watch Ultra Loop Alpine at the best price Base price: €999

Apple Watch Ultra Bracelet Ocean at the best price Base price: €999

Apple Watch Series 8: the top of the range

test apple watch se 2022 vs series 8

Where is the Apple Watch Series 8? © Lemon squeezer

In absolute terms, the Apple Watch Series 8 does not bring any major new features compared to the previous generation. Apart from the temperature sensor to track ovulation, it is even identical in all respects.

This does not detract from the fact that it is the most high-end Apple Watch to datethe Ultra model addressing a niche audience.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is therefore distinguished first of all by its large, very bright screen and its premium finishes. More beautiful than ever, the Apple watch can also be dressed in a multitude of bracelets, also making it a fashion product.

As solid as it is beautiful (drop resistance, IP6X certification, waterproof standard (WR50), the Watch Series 8 can accompany you in your daily life as well as in your sports activities.

The Series 8 also has a slew of sensors to compile your health data: from sleep monitoring to blood oxygen levels to ECG (electrocardiogram), everything is there.

Available from 499 eurosthe Apple Watch Series 8 is undoubtedly the most recommended model for the general public who practice regular sports.

For others, it may be a little too much, so the Apple Watch SE is more recommended.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is for you if:

  • You have a comfortable budget
  • You train almost daily
  • You want accurate and complete data on your health

Apple Watch S8 GPS 41mm at the best price Base price: €499

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Apple Watch S8 GPS 45mm at the best price Base price: €539

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Apple Watch SE : la plus accessible

apple watch se 2022 review features

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In 2022, Apple also renewed its most affordable connected watch. The Apple Watch SE has a new look and above all improves its analysis capabilities.

Its design in recycled materials does not change but allows Apple to reduce costs and therefore an accessible final price. Among the novelties, we will first note the integration of a more efficient chip allowing the addition of functionalities formerly reserved for the high-end model.

The Apple Watch SE will therefore be able to accompany you in your swimming sessions, analyze your heart rate, your sleep data or your performance during your training sessions.

The Apple Watch SE is also able to track menstrual cycles or manage your medical treatments. It even has the “Accident detection” function.

Available from 299 euros and available in two sizes (40 or 44 mm), the Apple Watch SE is ideal for a first purchase. It is also the most recommended to equip your teenagers for example. It’s also the best value for money at Apple.

For most users, the Apple Watch SE is the most recommended model.

Apple Watch SE is for you if:

  • You buy your first Apple Watch
  • You are not a great athlete
  • You have a limited budget
  • You want to offer it to your teenager

Apple Watch SE 40mm midnight at the best price Base price: €299

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Apple Watch SE 44mm midnight at the best price Base price: €339

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Refurbished Apple Watch: a good alternative

If you have a limited budget, a refurbished Apple Watch can be a good alternative to new models.

Indeed, the latest generations of Apple Watch have evolved little. Thus, an Apple Watch Series 7 is almost identical to a Series 8. A Series 6 is also very close to a Series 7, therefore a Series 8.

However, you can find Apple Watch Series 6 around 300-350 euros in refurbished. The Series 7 is available around 400 euros.

Reconditioners also offer guarantees ranging from 6 months to one year depending on the models offered and their condition. To avoid spoiling anything, opting for refurbished is also doing something for the planet. So why not ?

A refurbished Apple Watch is for you if:

  • You have a limited budget
  • You don’t necessarily need a state-of-the-art model
  • You want to consume more responsibly

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