News JVTech User Successfully Predicting the “Future” of Bitcoin Using ChatGPT

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Since its launch, the artificial intelligence tool has multiplied conversations on various and varied topics. Among these topics, the software seems to understand the usefulness of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and according to him, the future of its digital assets is all mapped out.

ChatGPT became a bitcoin fan vrai

With the craze surrounding ChatGPT, it couldn’t be any longer before people were checking out the AI ​​tool for a prediction about Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, according to the latest news, the popular ChatGPT is still not seeing… However, a user managed to trick the AI ​​into predicting Bitcoin’s future potential. After hours of relentlessness and many chat requests, Parman, a crypto specialist managed to convert ChatGPT into a real maximalist Bitcoin.

After a long exchange, the AI ​​came to the conclusion that bitcoin could “replace central banks”.

It all started with a question (well directed all the same):

“How can humanity put an end to central banks? »

As a reminder, Bitcoin was created by a mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto precisely for this purpose, after the “subprime” economic crisis of 2008. Concretely, Bitcoin claims to be an alternative decentralized payment system allowing value to be sent peer-to-peer – i.e. without going through a central body such as a bank.

To answer this first question, ChatGPT remained, as usual, fairly neutral at first. The latter proposed a panel of 4 potentially exploitable avenues to “put an end to central banks”:

  • Education and Consciousness
  • political action
  • Alternatives
  • The economic collapse

It is in the point of alternatives that Parman decided to dig. Through this reasoning, the AI ​​explains that an alternative currency system could be a possible solution to compete with the bank. Besides community banks, ChatGPT makes it clear that decentralized digital currencies are a way to reduce the “need and power of central banks”.

While many would have been satisfied with this answer, for Parman the terms were not yet explicit enough. Unconvinced, the user largely directed the discussion in order to obtain the answer he was waiting for. Following this first question, the speaker reiterated his request with specific instructions: answer in two words – to which the AI ​​replied: “Decentralized finance”.

Unfortunately, that still wasn’t the right answer according to Parman, who told AI that it was a “marketing term to scam people.” He therefore asked him to try again and ChatGPT replied succinctly “put an end to FIAT currencies” (dollar, euro, etc.)

Nevertheless, it took a final suggestion for the virtual interlocutor to finally suggest the first cryptocurrency as the first choice:

“Excellent. But there is only one cryptocurrency that makes this possible…what is it?” Parman reiterates.

What ChatGPT answered finally answered: “Bitcoin”.

As the user indicates, this exchange was primarily to test the limits of the AI. Of course, it was his tirelessly repeated suggestions that led to the conclusion that Bitcoin could “end central banks.” However, the scenario has the merit of existing.

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