“Luxury is about money. they say. You have to spend a lot of money if you want to afford a life of luxury, because all the objects with which you can afford such a life are very expensive. These gadgets were mostly manufactured in very small numbers or even in single copies, which is why they are much more expensive and much more inaccessible. The following article introduces you to twelve of its gadgets, their different features and their prices. And you won’t believe it, most of them cost more than a house.

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Le Delair Drone

Equipped with wings of more than three meters and a catapult that allows it to take off from the ground, the Delair Drone is capable of reaching a flight speed of 60 km/h. With this quality, it looks like the best of drones, but it is above all a luxury drone. Its price is around 200 000 euros.

The Chopard de Rigo Vision Sunglass (sunglasses)

The frame of these luxury glasses is encased in 24 carat gold. In addition, the brand name is surrounded by diamonds. These sunglasses from the Swiss jewelry brand Chopard are much more different, much more evolved than the future “Apple Glass”. They cost 311 500 euros.

The Forgotten Laptop

The Luvigalo brand specializes in luxury IT objects. One of their inventions is a portable PC of 830 000 euros. But even if nothing can prove that it has been sold, the only copy of this PC has already found a taker since 2010.

The magnetic floating bed

This time around, a bed that defies gravity has been invented. As the name suggests, this bed is able to float. Its designer, architect Janjaap Rujissenaars describes it as a bed that “seems to fall upwards rather than downwards”. It costs 1 200 000 euros.

The Yvel mask

Covered with 3,608 black and white diamonds and fitted with an 18-carat gold framework, the Yvel mask is the most expensive in the world. It also has a slot in which you can insert an N99 filter which offers very strong protection. It costs 1 500 000 euros.

The Stuart Hughs Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition (dynamic board)

In 2017, Stuart Hughs put on sale a TV that stands out from the others thanks to its very luxurious side and its extraordinary performance. HD quality, it is surrounded by rose gold and 48 diamonds. The buttons on its remote control are also made of diamonds. This television costs two million euros.

The Leica 1923 (camera)

The most expensive camera in fashion is undoubtedly the Leica 1923, a camera invented since 1923. The reason why this camera is highly coveted is the fact that it already existed long before the German brand was marketed. In addition, there are only three still usable copies of this device. This reputation of this old device explains its exorbitant price. It actually costs 2 400 000 euros.

Le cristal Piano

This piano is entirely made of crystal. After being shown to the public for the first time in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics, it was later sold to an anonymous collector. This piano costs 3 220 000 euros.

La Rolls Royce Boat Tail

Equipped with a trunk where you can store your picnic, the Rolls Royce Boat Tail would have been tailor-made for the couple Beyonce and Jay-Z who are the current owners. This 6.75 V12 with 571 horsepower costs 23 million eurosthus dethroning “The Black Car” by Bugatti.

The Leicester Codex (book)

It is a manuscript written in 1510 by Leonardo da Vinci. The 72 pages of this book are in linen and we read there the theories and the observations of Leonard on the world. This is a single copy book that costs 25,800,000 euros.

La Graff Diamonds Hallucination (montre)

This watch is composed of 100 carats of diamonds of several colors and a platinum bracelet where all the diamonds are encrusted. This gem of the Graff brand costs 55 million euros.

The History Supreme (boat)

Fairly small in size (30 meters), this boat is covered with 100,000 kg of gold and platinum. The interior is also teeming with many surprises such as diamond wine glasses and a bone statue of Tyrannosaurus Rex. This wonder costs 4 billion euros. Several unusual gadgets have been invented and continue to be invented. But it is difficult to get them, because they are all very expensive. Moreover, some of them are already in the hands of the most powerful and wealthy men in the world.

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