Netflix is ​​adding two mobile games to its catalog, one of which is a critically acclaimed indie nugget.

The end of the year is approaching, and Netflix has never been closer to its goal. The firm, which launched this year in mobile games, planned to reach 50 titles available before 2023, a goal almost achieved as two new nuggets arrive on the platform today. It is 12 Minutes and of Kentucky Route Zero.

The first surely means something to you if you also play on consoles and/or PC. 12 Minutes is a narrative game released last year on the Microsoft ecosystem (Xbox and Windows) and he made a strong impression on us. In this game, you play as a man stuck in a time loop, while his wife is accused of murdering her father.

Its top view and clever mechanics immerse you directly in a breathtaking psychological thriller, which also approaches the world of cinema thanks to its 5-star cast. You find Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man), James McAvoy (Split) et Daisy Ridley (Star Wars : 3ème trilogie) to the dubbing of the three main characters.

The second game Kentucky Route Zero, is an adventure title that also relies on a good dose of mystery. Discover an urban world on the brink of ruin and travel down an underground highway filled with secrets. Its dark atmosphere reinforces all the murky and mysterious side of the story. Also published by Annapurna, the indie game was rewarded several times when it was released.

A 2022 recap at the top

Netflix is ​​taking advantage of these two new releases to recap its year 2022, which has been very rich in surprises. After a difficult start, the firm has only improved the quality of its mobile gaming service, without charging its subscribers additionally. The quality of the titles on offer has only increased, reaching this level that we did not think possible.

Oxenfree, Moonlighter, Lucky Luna, Spiritfarer, 12 Minutes, Immortality or Exploding Kittens. These are all illustrious licenses that have been added to Netflix, with sometimes award-winning games for their storytelling or their originality. But the firm does not intend to stop there, and is already planning an equally qualitative year 2023, with already an upcoming Ubisoft game, Valiant Hearts : Coming Homeor a title adapted from Vikings: Valhalla. Finally, we should also be entitled to the very popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revengereleased this year and already a great success on consoles and PC.

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