• Robots cook very elaborate dishes without human intervention
  • The owner of the establishment wants to create a franchise on this concept
  • In France, robots are making a place for themselves in restaurants

Utopia or dystopia? Everyone has their own opinion, but the experiment currently being carried out in the BOTS&POTS Sci-Food restaurant in Zagreb will not leave anyone indifferent. It is the first in the world where robots prepare dishes directly in a pot without any human intervention.

Concretely, and as we can see on this video, it is nevertheless necessary that humans load the ingredients into the machines. But once this step has been taken, these tools are able to manage everything, including seasoning and the addition of different ingredients.

Soon a franchise on this concept?

The owner of the establishment, Hrvoje Bujas, says it took 7 years and invested $1.07 million to convert what was only an idea into reality. Quoted by Reuters, he points out: “It was indeed a challenge to prepare a ready-to-eat meal from fresh food in the shortest possible time and as tasty as possible”.

Customers seem quite convinced by the small dishes prepared by the robots. In detail, no less than five robot cooks work on site and produce 4 meals every 15 minutes. The restaurant owner specifies that these little jewels of technology are worth around 10,000 euros each.

And he does not intend to stop on such a good path, since he has specified to our colleagues that only one human worker is necessary to operate this restaurant and that “Our end goal is to create a ‘no waiter, no chef, no money’ space where you order, get and pay for food without human contact. »

It is here that the bat wounds, because in addition to the potential hard blow for employment, it is also a whole section of the social bond of our cities which would be threatened here.

Robots in French restaurants

Little by little, robots are appearing in restaurants, and this is also the case in France. We also told you last year about this restaurant in Pas-de-Calais which decided to invest in a humanoid who responds to the name of Alexa. The latter moves around the establishment and provides the service.

He is even able to heat the room, she can sing, give the weather forecast to customers, or even give some practical information. Something to amuse the curious and make good publicity for the establishment. The boss explains for her part that it is only a question of helping the staff and not of replacing them. Other similar experiments are carried out almost everywhere in France, and this concept has met with real success.

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