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Top Secret Apple Headphones ‘Coming Soon’ – What To Expect From The New Gadget

APPLE is supposedly working on a top-secret headset – and it could be out very soon.

The ultra-confidential gadget hasn’t been officially confirmed, but many insiders say it’s almost ready.


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Apple might launch a title that looks like Facebook’s Meta Quest 2Credit: Meta

What are Apple headphones?

Most of the biggest names in tech have already released some sort of headset.

It might be virtual reality (a fully computer-generated space), or augmented reality where graphics overlay the world around you.

We have seen products from Google, Microsoft, Samsung et Facebook – but nothing from Apple yet.

But behind closed doors Apple would have hundreds of employees working on VR and AR projects.

The latest rumors suggest we’ll see two different headsets.

The first should land next year and should look like a regular helmet.

It will likely be a pair of mixed reality glasses offering both VR and AR.

Next up, we’re expecting a more svelte pair of AR glasses down the line – though the release is uncertain.

The first headset is supposed to be similar to existing VR headsets, but with a smaller and lighter design.

We’re expecting high-density screens, hand-tracking, spatial sound, and a new realityOS operating system.

He is said to support his own specialty App storealthough it is unclear what content will be available there.

Apple headphones release date and price

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer when it comes to the release date and price of an Apple headset.

We’ve heard lots of leaks and rumours, but nothing official from Apple.

The first headset is expected to be released in 2023, with a possible announcement early in the year.

And rumor has it that we will see prices north in the region of $2,000-$2,300.

That’s significantly higher than most competing products on the market today.

For example, Facebook’s entry-level Meta Quest 2 starts at just $399 (but until recently $299).

It’s unclear how much the second headset will cost.

In any case, all these details are still based on leaks.

Even if true right now, Apple’s plans could change at any time.

We won’t know the truth until Apple chief Tim Cook takes the stage and unveils a headset.

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