The “Gen Z” is this small generation of humans born between 1997 and 2010. I push open bay windows telling you that “it is another time”, that we “think and act differently », since it is precisely the case of ALL the different generations, since the dawn of time. But hey, it’s a fact: sometimes, the movements (yeah I’m talking like a djeuns, what is it?) of Gen Z is a little beyond us. It’s not always Gucci, what (is that what they say?).

Use Snapchat to text

All with a photo of their foreheads, their feet or the ceiling. Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?

Bringing the mullet cut back into fashion

Everything you want in terms of hair, but not the mullet cut. Nor the crest. The rest, make your life, but respect yourself and follow our recommendations on the trendy hairstyles of women in 2023.

… Putting all the ugly stuff back in fashion, actually

The Low waist jeans, ballet flats, velvet tracksuits… Are you serious? What’s gotten into you? Did you scorch your retina with blue light, or what?

Make sordid fictions on TikTok

While strolling on this network, you will come across many videos of people, who, face cam, will tell you a terrible life story. A deception, a harassment, an aggression,… Except that it is fake! How to know? They just slip a “Fiction” into the caption. A little weird to invent sordid stories to make views, no? Write novels, it’s less creepy.

Send 15-minute voices instead of calling

We wonder once again, but: why make it simple, when you can make it complicated? It’s actually quite confusing for us old dinosaurs, when in the middle of a very deep discussion about rain and shine, a young kid starts talking on his phone, saying “yeah sorry baby , I’m with my aunt rented there, she hasn’t let go of my leg for 15 minutes. Jpp, I swear. Is it to kill me, or what? “.

Walk around with your ankles in the air, even in snowy weather

You have to suffer to be aesthetic in factch.

Dire “aesthetic” H24

Basically, to designate almost everything and anything “stylish”. Very aesthetic this little Instagrammable photo spot to shoot your new aesthetic outfit and put it on your aesthetic feed, my life.

Overall, we need a decoder to understand their expressions

Go ahead, try to translate me « Sheeeeeesh », “Pick me girl”, “It’s a banger”, or “Loml”. I wait.

To be better dressed than all of us, from college

We, at the same age, seemed to dress directly in the Animal Crossing Fairy Fingers Sisters shop. They are straight out of Vogue. Slightly humiliating.

They hate GIFs

While this is clearly the most fun and beautiful way to respond to a message. To convey an emotion. To wink at our favorite series. Cut us off from Facebook if you want, but not GIFs.

Not ultra-smart TikTok challenges

Personally, I have nothing against little choreos or playbacks, we did exactly the same with our girlfriends on Hannah Montana when we were twelve, with the camera on less. On the other hand, when it comes to following dangerous challenges for physical or mental health, there… It’s incomprehensible.

Sharing (a lot) too much of your private life online

Yes, Aunt Simone does the same on Facebook. But there is still a gap between telling your Facebook friends that you participated in the Montcuq lotto yesterday and the Creuse bakers’ forum last week, and outright posting a video of yourself crying all the tears of his body on TikTok. Video that can obviously be seen by millions of people. There is a gap, we tell you.

Using Weird Emojis to Describe a Simple Emotion

For us, nothing complicated: a smiley that laughs to say that we laugh, a smiley that cries to say that we are sad, and a smiley that smiles when we were happy. Nothing complicated. Bah for Gen Z, NOTHING TO SEE. When they hit a bar, they send a skull and crossbones; the loud crying smiley means “TOO CUTE OMGGGG”, and the smiling man expresses a kind of uneasiness/irony. Complicated, communication between generations.


What’s their problem with astrology?

OK, one top out of two deals with astrology and we fully participate in this generalized passion for Mercury in retrograde. But basically… we agree that… well, astrology… it’s a bit of bullshit, isn’t it? Too afraid of your reactions by swinging this but I like to live dangerously.

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