• Tim Cook gives new clue about Apple’s upcoming AR/VR product
  • Formerly skeptical of this technology, this one is now fully on augmented reality
  • Steve Jobs taught him to never say never

Officially, Apple has never announced that it is developing an augmented reality headset or glasses. However, many rumors indicate that the product is well under development, and that it could even be presented at the WWDC conference in June. In addition, Tim Cook, CEO of the firm, can not help evoking his enthusiasm for this technology.

And during an interview with GQ magazine, the boss of Apple once again dropped a clue. More specifically, he told the magazine that Apple’s opinion regarding augmented reality glasses has evolved. Indeed, a few years ago, during an interview with The New Yorker, Cook was rather skeptical of this technology.

But today, what Apple’s CEO thinks about augmented reality has changed. “My thinking is always evolving. Steve taught me well: never marry with his convictions of yesterday. Forever, if you are presented with something new that says you were wrong, admit it and move on instead of continuing to hunker down and say why you are right”he confides to GQ.

The Apple headphones are coming?

So, in case you still have any doubts, Apple is very interested in augmented reality. And while this isn’t the first time Tim Cook has talked about the technology, to discuss its potential, his interview with GQ comes at a time when rumors point to further delays in the development of Apple’s AR/VR headset. would accuse.

It is rumored that the firm’s first AR/VR product would be a headset combining virtual reality and augmented reality. This would have similarities with the Quest Pro headset from Meta, and would carry a powerful chip, comparable to those of Macs. However, partly because of the very high price at which this headset would be marketed, even within Apple’s engineers there would be skeptics.

In any case, although virtual reality and augmented reality products are not a hit at the moment, some predict that in a few years, augmented reality glasses (more compact than helmets) could replace smartphones. Rumors also suggest that even at Apple, we consider this category of products as the future successor to the iPhone.

But for now, although Tim Cook keeps talking about augmented reality, he neither confirms nor denies the rumors about Apple’s plans.

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