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three days of online job dating to recruit Tech talent

Match Nantes companies looking for candidates with qualified Tech profiles. This is the objective of online job dating organized by the collective Un Job à Nantes #Tech. During this event which will be held on September 28, 29, and 30, more than 100 job offers will be proposed by the 26 participating companies.

And the least we can say is that a wide variety of jobs will be offered, including positions as Developer, Product Owner, UX/UI designer, Bizdev, Customer Success Manager, or even in charge of recruitment … and many more. Please note that this job dating is reserved for priority tech profiles, juniors and seniorswho plan to move geographically to Nantes in the next 12 months

For Nantes employers who are looking for candidates, this three-day event will be important and will make it possible to identify talents capable of achieving their objectives. As for the candidates, they will be able to meet future employers in fairly wide appointment slots of about twenty minutes online.

Prior to this event, we wanted to meet Nantes companies that will take part in this job dating. The opportunity for them to address their expectations for these three days and to say more about the type of jobs they offer.

A great recruitment opportunity for companies

This meeting is above all an opportunity to meet young talents, or more experienced profiles who wish to come and work in Nantes. Eddy Richard, Lead Developer at Keepcod, a web and mobile development agency, explains:

Job dating will allow you to meet a large number of candidates, juniors and seniors, who have had different career paths. These people would not necessarily have come to us if the event did not exist. This can, for example, allow developers from Paris or Lyon to come and join us.

Same story for Nathalie Mouret, human resources development manager at cbp, a subsidiary of Kereis, a European borrower insurance brokerage group, who specifies: “ These three days can respond to the recruitment difficulties that can be encountered. In the digital field, it is sometimes complicated to recruit in Nantes and events like this job dating improve our visibility in the agglomeration, but also outside to seek out other candidates. »


Various job offers

During this meeting, companies are determined to recruit in certain specific areas. This is the case with Keepcod, which offers mainly technical and a little functional positions: “ In particular, we have product owner positions, or JavaScript, Python, or Java Angular developers. Our job offers are all permanent », rapporte Eddy Richard.

For its part, the cbp company does not come empty-handed either, with no less than 11 vacancies: Back-end developers in Java, a Front developer on Angular and two Front developers on ReactJS, as well as Full Stack developers. We also want to recruit IT platform engineers and two Tech Leads “, details Nathalie Mouret.

Each interview will be above all an opportunity to get to know each other and to detail the work required. But by the way, how do these recruiters plan to convince candidates to join them?

On the cbp side, we highlight the positive culture that reigns within the company. A philosophy summed up with a smile by Guillaume, Product Owner, who announces: “ If you like working in a team and A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship is your bedside book then join us. »

At Keepcod, we insist on the fact that employees will have access to varied missions that are adapted to the aspirations of each of them. “ We also do a lot of follow-up and there is a real closeness between all of us. The cohesion is very good with us. There are many corporate events. It is mainly about team building, and we have done tree climbing, escape games, or even a seminar says Eddy Richard.

Job dating: an organization with small onions

Overall, our interlocutors are pleased with the organization of this event. Nathalie Mouret rightly salutes the involvement of the organizer Un Job à Nantes #Tech and the local actors who facilitate the process: “ The collective brings a real strike force, and I am thinking in particular of the actions of the Digital Canteen, and of what the local authorities are putting in place. This allows us to showcase our business. »

She adds : ” On this job dating, for example, we have virtual stands offered on the Seekube platform. It’s a showcase where we can put videos, text. It also allows us to select applications and make appointments with candidates. »

And precisely, for those who are still hesitating to get started, the final word is provided by Eddy Richard: “ This job dating is not binding. It’s a good moment of exchange which gives candidates the opportunity to expand their network and get a foothold in the Nantes ecosystem. »


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