• Ikea unveils Vindstyrka, to monitor indoor air quality
  • The sensor notably calculates the rate of PM2.5 particles and volatile organic compounds.
  • Launch planned for April, at a price “affordable

DIY furniture and beef patty giant, Ikea, announces the launch of a brand new product: Vindstyrka (meaning “wind force“). It is not yet another chair or a new shelf to be assembled, but an intelligent sensor, which will come to measure the air quality of our home. The sensor is adorned with a design that is basic to say the least, and will display the rate of PM2.5 particles and volatile organic compounds (TVOC), not to mention the indoor temperature and the humidity level. Simple and effective then.

Ikea wants (also) to clean up the air in your home

The giant Ikea has been diversifying its offer for a few years now, and the one considered by some to be the temple of marital bickering offers a range of Symfonisk lamp-speakers, made with the help of the audio giant Sonos. . In 2023, Ikea will expand its offer in terms of home automation, and is also committed to giving everyone access to cleaner air, by raising public awareness of indoor pollutants. This, thanks to new products that promise, among other things, to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

The small white Vindstyrka box is connected to the group’s Smart Home application, in order to allow the user to find a complete history of measurements directly on his smartphone.

© Ikea

Equipped with a screen, Vindstyrka directly displays the essential data (air quality, temperature, etc.), with a color code to instantly visualize the indoor air quality. Coupled with the Starkvind purifier, the new Ikea sensor can also influence the activity of the latter, in order to better mix the air when needed.

We want to work for positive change and know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to solving indoor air pollution. We strive to offer a variety of smart products and solutions that raise awareness about air pollution and empower people to make the right changes for a cleaner air home.“, explains Henrik Telander, product manager at Ikea.

At present, Ikea has made sure to reveal any selling price for this new Vindstyrka sensor. We just know that the latter will be available from next April, at a price described as “affordable“. A little more patience then.

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