It’s small, made of plastic, it costs less than 2 euros and it comes to an end to a problem that we have all had.

Assistance mobile Xiaomi.

We all had to use the “chair technique”. In a house where all the sockets are occupied, the only solution to recharge our smartphone is to use the one in the hallway, the one that is isolated and a thousand miles from any furniture. Suddenly, the mobile ends up recharging on the ground or on a chair which was our only support.

You may not know it, but Xiaomi has the solution to this problem. I come to tell you about a small plastic support that you can place next to this isolated and sad socket. You’ll never have to leave your beloved smartphone to charge on the floor again.

Assistance Xiaomi pour mobile

This little gadget changes everything.

The creation of the Chinese firm is very simple, we are faced with a small plastic support that we can stick to the wall. In its central part it has an opening for the cable to pass without problems, you do not need anything else.

The best thing is that it is not only used for the smartphone, you can hang any other device you can think of on the wall. For example, it is useful if you always want to have the TV remote control close at hand next to the sofa. Also if you need help placing bathroom supplies.

This is just one of the many curious products that Xiaomi sells on AliExpress, also at very low prices, you can find everything from anti-stress toys to thermometers that also measure humidity, and via the removal machines the stuffed animals. There is everything and for everyone.

Assistance Xiaomi pour mobile

There is not much to add, this small plastic holder is a useful tool that you can receive at home for only 2 euros. Xiaomi’s huge catalog continues to surprise us with products of all kinds, who would expect such a simple and useful gadget?

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