No more unpleasant surprises when boarding because of excess baggage. This little gadget that allows you to weigh your luggage easily and anywhere, is set to become a travel essential.

The world of travel is changing. Many small digital gadgets are becoming almost indispensable for air travel. For the loss of baggagesmall digital trackers are popular with many travellers.

The idea is to locate your luggage using a location tracker to geolocate the luggage in real time, wherever it is. The passenger only has to equip his suitcase with a Balise AirTag and link it to your smartphone via the mobile application that goes with it.

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Portable luggage scale: to avoid unpleasant surprises on the plane

In addition to this device, passengers can now weigh their luggage at any time. Nothing is more disappointing than finding out at the last minute that the weight of your baggage exceeds the allowance allowed by the airline you are traveling with.

Faced with such a situation, two choices present themselves to the passenger; either pay for excess baggage or unpack the suitcase and remove items from it. If it is a handbagit will automatically be sent to the hold of the aircraft for an additional fee, of course, or even a fine.

In any case, we don’t even have time to think, because often we are in front of a queue of passengers in a hurry to check in their luggage in order to be able to board and begin their journey. To deal with this unforeseen event, it is advisable to take action upstream.

It is therefore important to think about weighing the luggage before arriving at the check-in stage. For this there is a small electronic equipment. This is the scale luggage, a small portable scale that is easy to handle and very practical. In addition, its price is very interesting.

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“This scale has saved us so many times”

According to the specialized site, Travel +Leisure, the Luxebell brand digital luggage scale costs only $10 (on sale) on the Amazon site. This tool has already garnered nearly 5,000 five-star reviews from buyers, declaring it a “ travel essentials ».

Able to measure up to 50 kg (or 110 pounds), this suitcase scale delivers the weight in kilograms and pounds. To make it work, just turn it on and then hang the bag to weigh on it. Its sturdy strap, supported by a metal connector, passes through the handle of your luggage.

It features an easy-to-grip rubber handle with a high-precision sensor and an LCD screen that clearly displays the weight. For a buyer, quoted by the same source, “ trying to figure out if we’re going to exceed the baggage weight limit is stressful. This scale has saved us so many times ».

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