If you want to find a video game occupation this weekend, know that a cult game is available for free on Steam.

If you want to embark on a new adventure on PC, know that this weekend the game Two Point Campus will be approached for free. This time there is no question of getting the game for free but rather of being able to play it for several days until February 13 via Steam. A dream before Valentine’s Day? Everything seems to fit anyway.

Two Point Campus playable for free on Steam

Letting yourself play for free is an opportunity for the Two Point studio to make its game known more simply but also and above all to put a spotlight on the Valentine’s Day content, the trailer of which you can find below. On the program are new items, new challenges and of course new possibilities for your students (and your teachers?) to fall in love.

Without necessarily being a revolution in the field of management games, it must be admitted that Two Point Campus is a good time to spend throughout the campaign, with a pretty crazy and humorous free mode. As was the case with the previous title, Two Point Hospital. In any case, it has a very long lifespan for it despite some repetitions and a lack of content when it was launched. This was quickly resolved afterwards. On Steam, moreover, the game received a large share of very favorable opinions out of a total of 1800 evaluations. In December he was able to enrich himself with the DLC “Space Academy“which, as its name suggests, adds a university…in space.

Welcome aboard, space cadets! Come check out the Two Point County Space Academy! The Two Point space program is light years away from its glory days, when rockets made headlines and astronauts were almost famous, like second-rate actors no one remembers anymore. Lo and behold, Two Point County has opened the doors to its new space academy, needing your help on the front lines of galactic defense and interdimensional diplomacy. through promoting the space industry and preparing the country for extraterrestrial life. The aliens are coming: pretend to be busy.

The game will be playable for free until February 13. Be quick.

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