CES 2023 is also an opportunity for start-ups from all over the world to present surprising products. This is the case of Sense 1 Cottons, first connected dog collar developed by the South Korean company CareSix.

Your pooch’s Apple Watch

Designed to ensure the safety and good health of your dear doggie, this collar available in black or red is a compendium of technology. Equipped with a GPS, it first allows owners to track their dog. Convenient if you live in town and your dog tends to go out on his own.

Especially the Sense 1 Cottons is loaded with sensors to continuously monitor your dog’s health. On the program, a temperature, heart rate and breathing sensor. The collar can also track the dog’s physical activity and record its eating habits. An Apple Watch for pooch.

The Sense 1 Cottons comes with an app available on Android and iOS. It allows you to consult the data of the collar and to adjust your dog’s daily life (food, walks, etc.) according to his health data. It is also possible to program alerts from the application that will notify you when your dog leaves a specific geographical area.

A light and comfortable collar

To avoid any feeling of discomfort, CareSix has taken care to design a light and rather elegant necklace. Sensors and other components are hidden in a durable metal loop. The collar is made of soft and breathable cotton.

Like connected objects for humans, the connected collar for dogs promises better monitoring of the health of your faithful companion and therefore, to extend its life expectancy.

Currently, the collar is only designed for dogs. It is the only product of the start-up in the process of being marketed. It will first be offered to veterinarians before being marketed to the general public. Its price and release date are currently unknown. CareSix develops other connected devices for our pets. A tracker, still at the prototype stage, should arrive soon.

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