We have known for a few weeks/months that our energy bills will increase during this year 2023. If the price of electricity is currently at the heart of the concerns of many French people, the gas price is also concerned, without forgetting many raw materials, the prices of which are exploding. Recently, it has been possible to take advantage of a new feature that could allow holders of an Amazon Echo device to make valuable savings.

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Hello Watt, or energy consumption directly on your Echo device

Indeed, many people have already lowered the temperature of their home and/or adopted new habits to reduce their electricity consumption as much as possible. However, this does not prevent you from discovering certain unpleasant surprises on the most recent invoices… Also, the start-up Hello Watt is now offering a new “Skill Alexa“, which promises owners of an Amazon Echo speaker or a connected screen to better control their energy consumption.

The download is completely free, and will allow you to visualize at a glance the electrical consumption of the household in kWh and in euros, but also to discover its CO2 emissions. The information can be indicated by an Echo speaker, but also displayed directly on the screen of an Echo Show device. A dedicated widget is also included, to view its consumption permanently, on the Amazon Echo Show 8, 10 and 15 models.

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To work, Hello Watt simply requires creating a user account, but also having a Linky meter at home. During the initial configuration, the program will ask the user to indicate the number of his counter, in order to allow synchronization with it.

According to Energy Regulatory Commission, the Linky meter covers approximately 90% of homes, or 34 million devices. Those who refuse the small yellow meter will also have to pay a small monthly sum, corresponding to the payment of the intervention of a technician to read the old generation meters.

Once installed, the Hello Watt skill will allow the user to monitor their daily electricity consumption, in order to better control it. Hello Watt can also track gas consumption, and can also analyze energy consumption according to usage. In this way, Hello Watt can for example indicate which are the most energy-consuming appliances in the house.

In the same vein, a few days ago, we introduced you to the French start-up Watty Energy, at the origin of the Surcharge application. The latter alerts individuals to their electricity consumption peaks and helps them change their habits.

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