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These simple tips to save energy effortlessly!

We are in September. In other words, the sun will become more and more discreet. But we know that winter is the most energy-intensive season of the year. With heaters, hot meals, hot showers, energy consumption will explode. This while the savings are empty.

As if l’inflation was not enough, because of the conflict, there is also a risk of gas shortage in France. Faced with this, the French State recommends the reduction of energy expenditure and seeks the cooperation of households. Today we give you 5 tips for saving energy.

1. Heat to the right temperature

The cold season is coming. the heating volume will increase well and with it the bill. Did you know that the greater the degree of heating, the more it consumes energy ? To save energy, adjust your heating to the right temperature.

Comment determine the right temperature ? The ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency) in its program “Heating better and cheaper” gives you the answer. It depends obviously of the area where you live.

As examples, here the ideal temperatures for each room of the House :

  • 19°C in a living room
  • 17°C in a room
  • 20°C in a bathroom

Ces temperaturesin addition to being economical, are ideal for health. Did you know that by reducing the heating by 1°C, you can save around 7% on the electricity bill?

2. Choose your equipment well

To be sure of save money, choose the household appliances and multimedia devices you use carefully. Some devices consume much more energy than others. And this, even though they have the same utility.

In practice, for avoid power-hungry appliances, refer to the energy labeling. Check if there is no power below. To do this, ask the seller before buying. In terms of energy saving, the ideal is to opt for appliances rated A+++.

According to Elena, a heating engineer in Amiens:

“A champion in terms of savings, the condensing boiler allows you to reduce your heating bill by up to 30%!” »

3. Opt for better lighting

In addition to the heater and household appliances, the lighting is one of the most energy consuming things. With today’s technological advancements, energy efficient lamps are available. These are LED lamps.

If you don’t have one yet, run and buy some change your incandescent bulbs to LEDs. You can also use dimmer switches. By doing so, you can significantly reduce your consumption.

These will make you up to 10% energy savings per year. A bright idea, right? What’s more, as with heating, the lighting intensity is not the same everywhere. The bedroom does not need a great luminance for example.

Source : Pexels

4. Unplug devices you no longer use

One of the naughty fads of the French is to leave their chargers plugged in day and night. Did you know that even without a phone, tablet or computer at the end, they still consume electricity? You have now been warned!

However, it’s not just chargers. Don’t forget toturn off or even unplug the TV, microwave, food processor, etc. To save energy, make a habit of checking these appliances before going to bed.

5. Use renewable energy

What better way to save energy than do not use energy ? With renewable energy, in addition to being beneficial for the planet, there is no bill to pay. Photovoltaic panels, geothermal heat pump, solar water heater… In short, you are spoiled for choice.

Source : Pexels

To do this, start small. For example, invest in a small solar panel and favor it for a lamp in the house. Already a big advantage in the event of a power cut. At least one bedroom will be permanently illuminated.

The ras-le-bol of the French

To know how save energy easilyle site Insolentiae a dit :

“You just have to be cold or hungry… eat cold, take a cold shower, put on 1 then 2 or three more sweaters. »

This sentence expresses the weariness of the French in the face of the government’s invitation to reduce energy consumption for several years.

This is to tell you that saving energy is not new. So, in your opinion, should we really save money?energyor are there no other possible alternatives?

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