During an endless journey, keeping busy is a real headache. Whether in the car, on the train or during a flight, these gadgets will put an end to those long hours of boredom.

sleep from one sleep lead, improve social relations, acquire new skills… concrete actions that no one imagines being able to practice instinctively when they take public transport or get into their car.

Yet all these things are well and truly achievablefrom the moment one decides to invest in several pieces of equipment of great utility.

For many, to feel obliged to remain inactive for a long time is synonymous with anxiety.

So before arriving at your destination, you might as well make sure to maximize your time, by finding surrogate activities relevant. And let’s be honest, even if looking at the road continuously while counting the number of overtaken cars is fun, it can quickly become daunting.

How to rest comfortably during a long trip?

Many are the parts of the body that are in pain when subjected to remaining motionless for a long time. But the one who suffers the most is usually your neck.

The best way to fight against this unpleasant feeling is to find a drastic solution to put an end to these unbearable stiffness.

Miraculously, memory foam cushions were born. And the benefits they bring are simply divine, since thanks to their ergonomic shape, those genius pillows come to relieve your cervical.

Memory foam travel pillow Darty

Regardless of your means of transport, disregard the ambient light is no small feat.

Even once peacefully installed, it will obviously affect your ability to fall asleep. This is precisely the reason why having in one’s possession a sleeping mask is a blessing.

What’s more, when that little piece of fabric that immerses you in total darkness is made of silk, as is the case with this one!

Sleeping mask Cdiscount

What activities to avoid getting bored in the car?

Let’s be clear, there is no worse feeling than not being able to listen to own music once behind the wheel. Nevertheless, it is the burden with which many motorists have to live with on a daily basis.

Either because their vehicle is not equipped with a Bluetooth car radio, or quite simply because they do not have the possibility of installing one in their car. A Bluetooth FM Transmitter of this type will allow you to play audio files by adopting full frequency wireless transmission technology.

To put it simply, you just have to define a radio station on which to broadcast your favorite songs, by connecting only the device via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth FM transmitter Cdiscount

Otherwise, for readers at heart, the Kindle 6 reader will no longer be able to leave your hands. As for your eyes, they will literally be absorbed by this tool designed especially for reading, whose autonomy exceeds understanding.

Thanks to it, you will have the possibility of storing thousands of books in a single object. Another significant advantage of this ultra-light gadget is the display brightness management system that allows you to take advantage of it in all circumstances.

Kindle 6 eReader Boulanger

Learn English on your long journeys

Learning English in just a few hours of active listening, all while slipping into the shoes of a student, is the promise kept by the American linguist Michel Thomas with this 100% audio method.

It seems hardly believable at first glance, but this device intended for beginners has nevertheless proven itself to many consumers, who emphasize the subtle aspect, pedagogicuser-friendly and intelligible of this learning technique via an interlocutor.

The subtlety of this teaching is to go through a constant valuation in order to put the person in confidence, in addition to guaranteeing a progressive assimilation of the language.

Learn English: 100% audio method Fnac

Call your loved ones without risk with a hands-free kit

Take advantage of a long drive to heal family ties, have you ever thought about it?

Thanks to this Kit Buddy Bluetooth car, you will have the opportunity as much as you want. Making phone calls to your family, friends or spouse in complete safety will now be possible with this hands-free kit with very practical features.

Great listening quality, a powerful loudspeaker, and in particular echo and ambient noise reduction via the DSP system.

Handsfree Darty

The Game Boy Color to occupy your travel time

In case some are plagued by nostalgia, we have THE solution. Those who have kept their child’s soul can quite get a portable game console that was all the rage at the time: the Game Boy Color.

This special edition Pokémon will bring back many memories for people who have spent hundreds of hours in search of the rarest creatures, with the aim of collecting the number of badges necessary before facing the famous Council of 4.

Game Boy Color Rakuten

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