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The world’s best car gadget is under $20

To listen to music in the car, this Lecent FM transmitter will be your most faithful companion, so much so that you won’t be able to do without it.

The 30 000 avis as well as 4.5 stars harvested by this wireless radio adapter are irrefutable proof of its indecent popularity. And for good reason, once plugged into your cigarette lighter, all you have to do is pair this gadget with your smartphone through a connexion Bluetooth.

For those who wonder how the songs then manage to make your speakers spit, it’s not a magic trick, but a very simple manipulation. Before you touch your dream of being able to connect an account Spotify, Apple Music, Deezereven Napster to the radio station of your vehicle, it will be enough to program to transmit it on a virgin FM station.

FM transmitter: the perfect tool for listening to music in the car

Let’s start with an eloquent observation: all types of formats audio are supported with this revolutionary accessory.

WAV, MP3, WMA… whether your favorite tracks come from a streaming platform musical or whether they are the result of an amateur recording in studio for example, they can be read as many times as necessary.


18,99 €

For the gossips who would be tempted to affirm that the connection jumps will constantly pollute the quality of listening, they will be sorry to learn that it is completely false. The connexion Bluetooth is insolently stable, so much so that one would almost wonder if certain radio stations do not tend to work less well.

Call, navigation, battery: this FM transmitter is ultra-versatile

Pressing a simple button, this single action is sufficient to answer, refuse or end a call. The technology of noise cancellation included in the hands-free kit provides access to clear conversations. The switch between your telephone communication and the music then happens naturally, without you even feeling it.

With this Bluetooth FM transmitter, you will get precise navigation instructions, from a dedicated application on your phone. To arrive at your destination without incident while following your route pleasantly, this product Lencent even has the delicacy to automatically adjust the sound volume.

Finally, it is composed of a voltmeter whose interest is to show you the state of the vehicle battery. Once the latter is connected to your cigarette lighter, it will be displayed in order to avoid crucial problems while driving.

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