The top gadgets and multimedia toys to surprise your children

Technology is not just for adults. Children can also enjoy a toy or a connected gadget for fun. But in order not to make a mistake in the choice of equipment to adopt, it can be useful to be advised to find the right toy but also gadgets combining multimedia and pleasure.

A multimedia tool for the youngest and why not?

It is possible to offer your young child a smartwatch (or connected watch). There are, in fact, several models adapted to each age group. It is thus possible to offer your child a watch that can take photos or videos but also offers fun games. It is above all a tool for having fun and creating. Because these special children’s watches offer lots of special effects to personalize their creations. To this can be added a pedometer (who will take the greatest number of steps per day?), a voice recorder to capture the song of the young person and of course a watch and an alarm clock. We can also add a headset to communicate with their child.

This can be a good opportunity to introduce your child to the virtual world and the internet. This is the opportunity to explain to him the good uses.

There are also tablets dedicated to the youngest. These combine education and play. Suitable for children’s hands, these tablets allow you to have fun but also to learn thanks to dedicated applications.

connected toys

Artificial intelligence has also won toys and it is possible to find many that will please young children.

So there is, for example, a ball that can be controlled from a smartphone. It combines interactive games and physical activities (you can run after them for very long periods of time while having fun). Equipped with multicolored lights, these intelligent balls react to the different movements of the child. He can thus discover colors, but also mathematics and why not the basics of computer programming!

Robots are also a great choice. There are some fully programmable to customize the toy to the requirements of the child. Some robots create a real relationship with the child by communicating with him and reacting to his actions. The child can also build his own connected robot (Meccano) to create a toy of which he will be very proud. It is an excellent compromise to associate multimedia and manual activity.

Other toys have seen artificial intelligence arrive. Thus the famous Lego brand offers intelligent figurines that can be developed on the group’s social network, with friends. Dolls have also incorporated new technologies such as Barbie Hello which, once connected to the internet, can respond to the child.

The virtual reality can also appeal to young people. It has become a popular trend in recent years. Given the success of these games with teenagers, manufacturers have thought about models suitable for the youngest. They can thus enter a magical virtual world or not.

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