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Yesterday was April Fools, and as always, that means the internet was full of jokes and goofs. For brandsthis means trying to pull off gags with varying levels of success, like Sega up and releasing a straight up visual novel for Sonic the Hedgehog that’s apparently pretty good. But everything that transpired on this somewhat cursed holiday has been overshadowed by the most simplest of joys: Twitter videos of Looney Tuit iss talking over footage from various Warner Bros. media.

As Cartoon Network spent April Fools airing an all-day marathon of various Looney Tunes shows (including the beloved 2011 series), Emmy-winning voice actor Eric Bauza dubbed the character voices over scenes from Batman Forever, 2019’s It, even Riverdale and the original Rush Hour. Some of the interactions have the voices you’d expect (naturally, Sylvester would be the Pennywise to Tweety’s Georgie), but that doesn’t take away from how funny they are. We’ve posted some of what we think are the funniest down below.

The April Fools gag comes days ahead of a big milestone for Warner Bros. On Tuesday, April 4, it turns 100 years old, and the Looney Tunes debuted in 1930, fairly early into the studio’s lifetime. Over the decades, the Tunes have taken some interesting (if not strange) turns like becoming two-time sports icons, superheroes, babies, and co-stars with Brendan Fraser. (If you’re curious about all of that, Patrick Willems covered the history of the Tunes in a video from back in February.) And they’ve also recently done a crossover with The Wizard of Oz, as another part of WB’s 100-year celebration.

If all of this got a laugh out of you, then good news—HBO Max will have new shorts for Looney Tunes Cartoons hitting the platform on Thursday, April 6.

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