Safety in the hotel rooms obviously never lived up to the expectations of some customers. This is why they always arm themselves with various security accessories to feel more comfortable during their stays in these establishments.

In an environment as unfamiliar as the hotel, it is better to take the lead and ensure additional security, in addition to that provided by the establishment. This is the motto of many customers, including stewardess who regularly attend these establishments.

The ingenious trick of a flight attendant for more security at the hotel

One of them went to the Tiktok network to mount her trick to further secure her hotel room and avoid unwanted intrusions that could disturb her or endanger her while she sleeps.

Illustration: hotel room. By DragonImages. AdobeStock

Although hotel room doors are fitted with locks very sophisticated, some people always play it safe, especially when it comes to their safety.

In the video shared on her Tiktok, the flight attendant responding to the nickname Fly With me, showed off a gadget she never goes without during her hotel stays. This is a door stop with alarm.

During the short sequence viewed over 5 million times, she explained how this tool not only prevents people from entering your room, but also how it alerts others in the event of an attempted break-in.


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“Thank you for introducing me to this system. It’s awesome “

« If you often stay in hotels or Airbnbs, this is perfect. Just place it under the door, so as to block it from the inside “, she said. If someone attempts to open the door, it alerts the occupant of bedroom at once.

« It has three volume levels and believe me it will wake up the deepest sleeper if someone tries to enter your room. adds the stewardess while explaining how her door stop with alarm works.

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In the comments, a surfer recounted her experience with this gadget during a night in a hotel she spent with her daughter. “ Our door stop alarm went off. We heard footsteps running away, it was scary “, she testified.

« Thank you for introducing me to this system. It’s great for people who live in apartments too. I will definitely get one added another.

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