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The best Xiaomi gadgets for the summer

We have selected 5 Xiaomi products that are perfect for summers as hot as this.

Are you tired of the summer heat? Luckily for you, technology comes to the rescue. Today we are going to show you 5 Xiaomi products that you can try to suffer a little less during these months of high temperatures.

They are not infallible gadgets but it is true that in some cases it can be interesting to use them because they will not only help you to spend less heat, but they will also help you lead a healthier life, which is particularly important on these dates. .

You will see that all of these products are available on AliExpress so, among other things, you can be sure to pay a very competitive price for each of these Xiaomi gadgets. In addition, two of them are part of AliExpress Plaza (the clock and the fan), so you will receive them with particular speed because, among other things, they are sent directly from France. Do the “warnings”, let’s go for the compilation!

5 Xiaomi gadgets that are perfect for the heat

Xiaomi fan disassembled

Cool down with the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2, which is assembled in 6 easy steps

  • My Smart Standing Fan 2. We start with one of the best Xiaomi fans, which, by the way, has a very attractive discount on AliExpress Plaza. With savings close to 40 euros, this Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 looks a bit like the iPhone of domestic fans (or rather the Xiaomi 12). It is 100% programmable from the mobile, it has a hundred speeds, it can be controlled by voice, it has an operating angle of 140 degrees, it is ultra-quiet… In addition, it boasts of minimal power consumption, so you can have it plugged in all summer without having to worry about the electricity bill.

My Smart Standing Fan 2

  • My Smart Air 3.5L fryer. Another interesting purchase for this summer can be Xiaomi’s hot air fryer and, beyond what is usual in this type of “pans”, the Mi Smart Air Fryer has a series of special modes that will give you an extra taste of your summer For example, did you know that you can use it to dehydrate fruit or even prepare yogurt? Her app hides recipes of all kinds, some of which are perfect for those warm months. Remember that its official price is around 100 euros, while on AliExpress you have it for just over 70 euros.

Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

  • Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer Cup Now on to one of our favorite devices: a portable juicer/blender. This gadget is particularly useful to cool down in a simple way while recharging our batteries with all the vitamins of the fruit (or whatever we want to add to it). You can take this mini blender from here to there or you can store it in a corner of your house, as it has a compact size and enough capacity for 12 glasses of juice or smoothie, it offers great versatility. It has a capacity of 300 milliliters and a USB-C port: it is easy to clean and charge.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer Cup

  • Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2. In case you want to have the maximum temperature control so that you are satisfied with every tenth of a drop, you will like to know that you can have an advanced thermometer and humidity monitor for 10 euros of nothing . It has a long-lasting battery and a high-precision sensor, in addition to connecting with your mobile to alert you to changes in the environment. It is perfect to use in combination with the fan or with the last gadget on our list.

My Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2

  • Mijia 4L humidifier. Yes, a humidifier. Unless you live in a particularly humid area, these devices are great allies against the heat, especially in climates as dry as Madrid or Extremadura. And if you use it in combination with a fan or an air conditioner… 10/10. In the case of the Xiaomi humidifier, it can emit water vapor for a day and a half without a break, all with a special antibacterial system and soothing light lighting.

Mijia 4L Humidifier

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