Whether you have a phone from Samsung, Google or OnePlus or any other Android phone, surely you have thought of smartwatches more than once. Some of them are optimized to work with specific smartphones, but all of them are among the best tools to optimize the performance of your phone.

However, not all Android smartwatches are made equal. Some are fancy fitness trackers, while others are designed to make a fashion statement. Some of these smartwatches even support LTE, allowing you to communicate from your wrist without being tethered to your smartphone. However, it becomes difficult to choose with so many options.

This is where we come in. We’ve done the research and product testing necessary to determine the best smartwatch for Android users, regardless of budget or need.

Best Android smartwatches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic gives you the best of both traditional and futuristic worlds in a simple package, making it a top pick as the best Android smartwatch for men. The smooth yet eye-catching stainless steel case features a mechanical bezel that you can spin like a chronograph and enjoy that satisfying ticking sound. Overall, the appearance is masculine yet professional. If you already wear a mechanical, automatic or quartz watch, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic makes switching easy and enjoyable. That’s largely because Samsung seems to have struck a balance between advanced tech features and ease of use with this iteration of the standard Wear OS system it’s relied on in the past.

It’s one of the few smartwatches on the market that combines classic styling with true performance health, fitness, and mobile device functionality. You can do everything from controlling your music and texting to tracking your sleep, monitoring your heart rate and measuring your blood oxygen levels during exercise, whatever whatever its intensity. You can get all of this without anyone knowing you’re wearing anything other than a standard watch. However, you may not be able to enjoy all of these features if you don’t have a phone. Samsungbut who can blame them, it’s not like Apple Watches integrate directly with non-Apple devices.

OnePlus Midnight Black Watch

This is the first Android smartwatch from OnePlus brand, which has become popular with customers in a short time. The device made our list of best smartwatches thanks to its combination of decent specs and attractive looks. It features a 1.39 inch OLED display for clear viewing in all lighting conditions. The OnePlus Watch offers over 100 workout modes. Additionally, you can track health metrics such as sleep duration and quality, stress level, or even blood oxygen saturation.

The tracker has an easy-to-use music player, so you can practice to your favorite tunes without using your smartphone.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Steel Blue

The stylish Amazfit T-Rex Pro Steel in navy blue with black elements is suitable for young people, athletes and those with an active lifestyle. Its distinctive look underlines the performance and power of the device: a large dial and a massive bezel with four screws on the perimeter, two round control buttons on the side, a textured bracelet with a secure clasp.

The watch can be connected to iPhones and Android smartphones. This model is characterized by its durability thanks to its robust polycarbonate housing. The powerful battery gives you up to 18 days of normal use.

Additional features of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro:

  • health assessment;
  • monitor sleep duration and quality;
  • display of incoming notifications in various applications;
  • monitoring of various exercise parameters.

Garmin Tactix 7 Pro Edition

Garmin’s Tactix 7 lineup are arguably the most capable Android smartwatches on the market, and they’re certainly some of the most durable. High-end materials such as titanium and sapphire crystal are usually found on big brand watches that cost thousands of dollars more. However, build quality is about all the Tactix 7 Pro has in common with a traditional high-end watch. If you thought heart rate tracking and built-in GPS were impressive, check out what the Tactix 7 has to offer. It brings improvements to the standard tracking technology, measuring your pulse every second instead of every 2, 3 or 5 seconds like most other smartwatches for example. This watch also has advanced features that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, the Tactix 7 Pro has a built-in two-tone flashlight that you can use for camping and can help you find your way around the world thanks to the fact that the GPS uses a multi-GNSS satellite reference as well as on-board sensors to help you navigate. If you are truly an adrenaline junkie, then this watch is for you.

Garmin Forerunner 255 Musique

Garmin is known for its state-of-the-art but bulky watches. The Forerunner 255 Music deviates from tradition in design while maintaining Garmin’s focus on performance and quality. The Forerunner 255 Music has an appropriately sized case, which makes it comfortable to use, but it can also be worn by people of all sizes. The case isn’t too big, which means this is one of those relatively rare Garmin watches that you want to wear all the time, whatever you’re doing. Not everyone enjoys running as a form of exercise, but even those people can happily wear the Forerunner 255 to work and while doing my favorite cardio exercises on a walker or stationary bike. The Vo2 max function can be used during training sessions, as well as while walking on sunny streets. The watch easily saves your measurements and you can see the screen at any time.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Smartwatch

Before investing in a watch for your Android phone, here’s what you should consider in your decision:

Smartphone compatibility

Imagine you just bought a smartwatch and you realize that the device you put on your hand is unusable because your phone doesn’t recognize it. A rather unpleasant situation. This is why a compatibility check is essential when buying an Android or iPhone smartwatch.

Screen size

As we grow more accustomed to tiny touchscreens, smartwatches present a unique challenge due to their small size. Even for youngsters who grew up in front of a screen, accurately navigating the smartwatch screen can be a challenge. Pick the biggest watch that you Android smartwatch or iPhone are comfortable wearing, because lately the use of gadgets for all sorts of activities including gambling has become a fantastic alternative to laptops. desktops and laptops.

Some software developers have decided to make the most of this trend. So they have come up with smartwatch gaming apps that take gambling enthusiasts to practice their favorite pastime on a whole new level. The smartwatches available on the market today can even become a portable casino, offering a variety of games, the same unique emotions and adrenaline, and even different types of payment, including crypto casinos.

“Cryptocurrency casinos are a new approach to financial transactions. The use of digital currencies has many advantages. It is worth trying to deposit bitcoins just once to permanently switch to secure gaming anywhere in the world,” according to Jérémy Kanté, expert in service standards and casino quality control at Casinoenlignefr.

A smartwatch is a complete gadget that can meet all your needs, whether it’s listening to music, exercising or even gaming.

Notifications and calls

This is one of the main reasons people buy a smartwatch. Some Android or iPhone smartwatches not only notify you of incoming calls, but also allow you to answer them.

GPS and sports functions

The heart rate sensor is another useful function of the smartwatch that you absolutely should not give up. If only because he will be able to spot an unhealthy heart rhythm in time and help you to see a doctor in time.


In this article, we decided to compile the best Android smartwatches you can buy today. We have decided to put together for you a selection of the 5 best smartwatches that the modern user should absolutely have, to make your life even cooler and more comfortable! It should be noted that our selection of the best smartwatches comes from different manufacturers, in different categories and with different features. However, each of these smartwatch models may be the most convenient for you.

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