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The Anker 625 is the perfect solar panel for off-grid adventures

Anker 625 solar panel

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

A few weeks ago I tested Anker’s new 757 Powerhouse power station. Think of this like a giant power bank that can even output mains AC power.

Pretty cool.

Well, the Anker 625 solar panel is the perfect partner to the 757 Powerhouse.

There’s a lot I like about the Anker 625 solar panel.

These are high-efficiency units and convert up to 23% of the sunlight hitting them into solar energy. I had no problem getting 90W plus out of this panel in the British summer. Even on an overcast day, I could get upwards of 50W out of the panels.

The 100W output makes it powerful enough to charge a power station, but small enough to be portable (if you want more power, the 757 Powerhouse will allow you to connect up to four 625 solar panels together).

Very portable!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

The solar panel can output up to 12W over USB-A, 15W over USB-C, and up to 100W maximum over the XT60 connectors.

The two USB connectors mean that even without a power station I can use the panel to charge up two devices (like phones, tablets, or power banks).

Also: Using the wrong USB-C cable can damage your tech. Here’s how to avoid that

Outputs galore

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

The way it folds out is quick and easy, and the kickstands do a good job of keeping the panel up and pointed at the sun even when the wind picks up.

Speaking of pointing the solar panel to the sun, the 625 features a really handy “Smart Sunlight Alignment” tool, which takes all the guesswork and eyeballing out of pointing the panels at the sun.

Get the dot in the circle and you're done (remember that the sun moves throughout the day though!)

Get the dot in the circle and you’re done (remember that the sun moves throughout the day though!)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Supplies are XT60-to-XT60 and XT60-to-DC barrel connector cables, for hooking the panel up to different devices.

Supplies cables

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

The panel is both scratch and weather-resistant (but not waterproof) and seems to hold up well to the elements. The hook-and-loop material that holds the kickstands in place works well and doesn’t seem to get choked up with detritus.

All-in-all, the Anker 625 is a quality solar panel and a perfect match for any of Anker’s power stations. If you’re relying on solar then the ability to use multiple panels with the Powerhouse 757 is a great feature, allowing you to recharge more quickly. It’s not cheap, but sturdy, outdoorsy solar panels that are made so that the specs don’t lie aren’t going to be cheap.

You can buy cheaper, but there will be compromises in terms of performance, longevity, and robustness.

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