Amazon is as famous for its e-commerce site as it is for its own brands. Indeed, he designs connected objects for the home that are useful and accessible, such as his Echo vocal speaker. The latter is available in several formats (with screen, more or less large enclosure, etc.) but the most popular remains the Echo Dot. This is the most compact and least expensive format.

Despite the fact that the connected speaker was only released last September, Amazon did not hesitate for a second to drop its price during its Black Friday. The merchant is even going very hard with an immediate discount of -60%. This is obviously the first time that the object is accompanied by such a gigantic amount. In details, the new Echo Dot 5th generation sees its price drop to only 24 euros instead of 59 euros.

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I take advantage of the offer

During Black Friday, a large part of the public makes their Christmas gifts directly online at Amazon and other merchants. To help the French avoid the rush of the end-of-year holidays, the e-commerce leader is extending its return period to January 31, 2023. Thus, you benefit from the best prices during this operation, you offer gifts in December and you make referrals in January in case there are disappointed people. You do not risk finding yourself reselling gifts that have not convinced their recipients.

This 5th generation Echo Dot speaker is a great gift idea. At less than 25 euros, it presents itself as a fun and useful accessory for all those who are not yet equipped with this connected object. With its many features, it will make people happy for the Christmas holidays.

Fun functions for the Echo Dot speaker

The 5th generation Echo Dot speaker covers many uses aimed at simplifying your daily life. Simple to configure and then to install, it has several features that justify its success. Since its release on the market in September, it has already sold millions in France, especially since the public is more and more used to this connected object.

Thus, the new Echo Dot 5th generation gives you the possibility of making voice commands, it is the artificial intelligence Alexa which answers you. Developed by Amazon, the latter is able to answer your questions (general knowledge, weather, etc.) or even set an alarm or reminder on request. That’s not all, because this connected object can also be used to control other devices.

Indeed, more and more devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa. With this 5th generation Echo Dot, you can operate them as you see fit without having to take out your smartphone. It can work with smart bulbs like the Philips Hue, in which case you just have to say “Alexa, turn on the living room lights” and the system will be running within seconds.

This 5th generation Echo Dot is logically equipped with a speaker that broadcasts the responses of the Alexa assistant, but it can also be used for music. You only have to configure your device to support Amazon Music Unlimited, but also Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. This connected speaker is the perfect accessory to save time in a fun way, it has everything, including its price of less than 25 euros at the merchant for Black Friday.

The new Echo Dot 5th generation is the subject of a flash sale on Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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