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Scam: This SMS scam can rob you, here’s how to avoid the trap!

It’s hard to feel safe on your own phone portable. Between emails, SMS and fraudulent calls, how can we trust what we receive? Especially since the scams are so numerous that it is difficult to list them all. A retired couple from Lot-et-Garonne discovered one, but too late. We are talking here about a SIM card scam that simply emptied the couple’s accounts. We will explain everything to you !

A well-established SIM card scam!

We won’t tell never enough, but it is essential to pay attention to the information you enter on the internet. These can be accessed by hackers who do not hesitate to use them. It is better to be wary when it comes to using your smartphone to avoid unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately, a bad surprise, a retired couple had one. They had the bad surprise to discover that a scammer used a SIM card to carry out his shenanigans.

Comment ? In piratent a SIM card. When the victim is gone rendered account, she went directly to her bank. But on the spot, the adviser tells him that his accounts have been emptied. All money was transferred to an Irish banking platform. He has nothing! This story makes noise and, quickly, we realize that it is in no way isolated. On the contrary, several victims let it be known that they have also been the target of hackers. An Internet user informs the others by explaining to act if they receive a message saying that they will receive a new SIM card without having ordered a new one.

How does the scam work?

As the Internet user indicates, the scammers simply ask for a new SIM card. Indeed, and it is the police who carried out the investigation who say so, the scammers simply hacked into their customer area of ​​their mobile services to request a new SIM card. Why ? To take possession of the personal data found in the customer area.

In most cases, thieves use this information to make purchases online. But the consequences can be much more graves. The hacker can pose as his victim to the mobile operator and request a new SIM card. This is why it is important not to throw your bills in the trash. On these are listed information that should not end up in the hands of scammers.

Once the hacker receives the SIM card, he has free rein. He has access to everything: bank accounts, emails, social networks, online sales platforms… It is therefore very important to be careful.

How to avoid being taken in by hackers?

The first thing to do is to secure the request for a new SIM card. How ? By asking your operator for an additional password to request the change SIM card. Without this password, the change cannot be made and the pirate therefore finds himself completely deprived. On your computer and smartphone, install a firewall and anti-virus software. It is important to carefully check the sites you visit. If the site is not secure, close it. We also avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi that have unsecured access points. As a result, there are lots of malware circulating there.

The United States is a little ahead of France, simply because there have been many more scams of this type across the Atlantic. Measures have therefore been taken to ensure better consumer safety. This is not the case in France. Not yet anyway. That is why you are asked to be careful and be careful with your personal data.

If one day your phone automatically switches to ’emergency calls only’ mode and a message ‘SIM card missing or damaged’ appears, contact your mobile operator immediately. And above all, be careful about the information about yourself that you put on the internet. The more you put in, the less you are shelter of an attack exterior.

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