A former Midwesterner, I know all too well the dreaded feeling of when the power flickers and putters out during winter storms, derechos, and even tornado warnings. Safety is clearly a priority, but during post-storm cleanup, you’ll want to stay plugged in power-wise. If you’ve been waiting for a power source to go on sale, now is the time to buy the Anker 523 Portable Power Station; it’s on sale for only $200saving you 40% on this generator.

This high-capacity power source offers multiple charging options for your needs, including USB-A and USB-C ports, and a dedicated AC outlet and car socket. With its eight ports, you can charge an iPhone 20 times, a MacBook Air three times, and an iPad up to seven times. This way, if the power doesn’t come back on for days, you’ll have enough juice to get you through.

Because it’s a high-speed charger, the 60W charger can boost that MacBook Air by 50% in 40 minutes. It’s also only just over nine pounds, making it really easy to cart around the house or even on your springtime camping trips.

As a heads up, it cannot support devices over 300W, so no charging hair dryers, toasters, microwaves, electric cars, and hot plates. However, in a pinch when you need juice for your phone or laptop to let people know you’re safe, this is a must-have device to keep you connected to friends and family.

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The LCD display can let you know exactly how much power you have left on the power bank before it needs another recharge. Oh, and I also forgot to mention: It’s solar panel compatible, so if you’re out of power for a few weeks, you can still recharge the power station for long-haul charging. From personally experiencing the August 2020 Midwest derecho, I know losing power is bound to happen to some of us.

Right now, this $200 price tag is a steal for peace of mind during an emergency or just for a fun camping trip. You’ll want to pick it up today. While we love Anker products here at ZDNET, they usually only offer flash sales, so we can’t guarantee this price will stick around for long.

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