News bon plan Sales 2023: The 2 TB Crucial P2 NVMe SSD drops below the €149 mark!

With this price drop during the 2023 winter sales, you will be able to easily boost the storage of your computer thanks to 2 TB in NVMe SSD which will be perfect for your bulky data or programs.

Crucial P2 sales: Almost €100 off this excellent NVMe SSD

Crucial is one of the leading storage brands, so when you see a promotion drop on a 2 TB model that loses almost a hundred euros compared to its usual price, it is difficult to miss such an opportunity.

  • Recommended retail price: €218.39
  • Lowest recent price at 169.95
  • Price with current discount: €129.95

Buy the P2 2TB at €129.95 at

In effect, this NVMe SSD is a much more efficient alternative to a classic SATA SSD and will easily fit into your PC whether for office automation, creation or video games. Your favorite programs will gain enormously in loading time and as a result you will benefit from increased performance.

Usually marketed at a price of €218.39 throughout the year, this Crucial P2 of 2 TB, benefits from a price drop of nearly €90. This promotion is at, a specialist in computer components. So you can take advantage of this Crucial P2 of 2 TB at the price of 129.95€ during the term of these balances.

Sales 2023: An NVMe SSD model suitable for most uses

Thanks to this discount on this model from Crucial, you will be able to enjoy a nice boost to your storage by gaining a lot of performance but also substantial storage thanks to these 2 TB.

Although we are faced with an entry-level model for NVMe, the advantage is that it remains all the same more efficient than a high-end SATA model. Taking place in an M.2 slot on your motherboard (remember to check that you have one available), it is very easy to install.

Once done, you therefore have an additional 2 TB which benefits from a sequential read speed of up to 2400 MB/s when it reaches 1900 MB/s in write. We are therefore a long way from the SATA SSD standards which are already exploding HDD hard drives which are now mainly devoted to file storage as the performance seems low compared to the alternatives which are more and more accessible.

Benefiting from a 5 year manufacturer warrantythis NVMe SSD is the ideal ally if you want to save time on loading at a lower cost, whether in your favorite games or software.

Buy the P2 2TB at €129.95 at

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