Want to be BFFs with a Pisces? Look at the rest of the chart to find Mercury and Venus, too! Pisces friends tend to love everyone, but make a strong connection with earth signs, who are, as Aganza puts it, innately good for the final zodiac sign.

“Pisces and Taurus are excellent together,” says Aganza. “Pisces feels so safe and grounded because Taurus is so reliable (Pisces can lack reliability). Taurus likes to be pulled out of their routine.”

Earth signs, in general, should be mindful of how they communicate with Pisces friends. “Pisces are not good at direct communication or conflict,” says Aganza. “If you’re with a Pisces, you need to know they communicate with inference — they won’t be good at communicating directly with you, nor do they enjoy being directly communicated with. You must communicate in a softer way, otherwise they’ll be hurt and wounded.”

“Pisces has a wonderful tendency to be open and accepting to most people, which creates a lot of space for various types of relationships,” says Oak. “Of course, knowing what works best will always be supportive, so that our sweet Pisces doesn’t get stuck in situations that are not ideal for their generous and sensitive hearts.”

If Your Sun Is in Pisces…

As Oak says of the Pisces energy, “If it’s not a little weird or obscure, then is it even Pisces?” This applies to Piscean friendship especially. “In the case of [Pisces compatibility within the context of] friendship, I like signs like Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini because they tend to stir the pot and keep the excitement going in a friendship dynamic,” says Oak.

“For feelings of true bromance or platonic love,” Oak says to look for a partner with a “Venus in Pisces,” who “would be a treasure of a friend that will last a long time.”

If Your Mercury Is in Pisces…

If you have your planet of communication in the sign of the fish, look to your friend’s Jupiter placement. “For a super-special relationship that is very chatty and engaging, Jupiter in Pisces would bring new heights to all conversations and ideas,” says Oak. “Jupiter doesn’t happen to be in this sign but every 12 years, so secondary expressions [similar energy] of very expansive relationships would be Jupiter in Cancer or Jupiter in Scorpio.”

If Your Venus Is in Pisces…

And finally, if the planet of love and values happens to fall into the 12th zodiac sign, “you’re fluid in how you relate to others, and generally like connecting with people at whatever capacity they can meet you at,” says Oak. “This makes such a supple environment for friendships. Since you’re able to hold a space of open understanding, make sure that energy is reciprocated.”

Some placements that might indicate good relationships include Saturn in Scorpio (for a durable, long-haul friendship) and the moon in Cancer, which Oak says would be “a gem of a relationship,” as well as “super loving and reciprocal.”

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