It’s summer, it’s hot, people are dancing on the beach or cooling off in front of a movie – one of those in the list that we have concocted for you with love, for example. Like all these vacationers, you will leave your home without regret to bask in the pill by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains. But, disaster, a downside looms: what about… your plants?

Whether you have a nice collection or a single pot proudly displayed in your living room, plants are a real headache when going on vacation. So, yes, there is the option of asking the neighbors to water them from time to time, but if you don’t have any – or don’t know them – the case gets complicated. Fortunately, others have thought of it, and invented several gadgets so that you never again find yourself faced with yellowed, withered or even dead leaves – horror sight – when you return from vacation.

The smart pot

The Swedish firm Botanium has created the smart pot, perfect for taking care of your small plantations when you are no longer there to cuddle and hydrate them. This curious ultra-tech container does not require soil but simply to fill with water, nutrients and planting medium each corresponding tank. We then plant the seed, plug in the pot… and the magic happens.

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The pot takes care of watering the plant on its own. Once it has grown, the pot can still hydrate it for several weeks without the need for any human intervention. To avoid any risk of overhydration, it is even equipped with a drainage system which evacuates the overflow of water from the container.

The Magic Tube

If you don’t want to cut your electricity bill while you’re away, there’s something even simpler: a small pot Ikea PS Fejö stupid, equipped with a… magic tube. A hollow cylinder is placed vertically in the pot and then the plant and the soil are comfortably installed. We then water directly on the ground, and we do not forget to also fill the tube.

And there, magic: even if you are absent for several days, thanks to a sub-irrigation system, i.e. which conveys water directly to the root of the plant, the latter will escape the thirst, dryness, or death. Rather practical.

The pocket that “saves the plants”

The “Plant Saver h2o” is your number 1 ally this summer. Made from recycled materials, it looks like one of those blood transfusion bags you see in hospitals. But here the patients are our dear Monstera !

Simply fill the bag with 350ml of water, plant the probe in the ground and adjust the dial to set the flow and the number of drops that will flow in your absence – between 20ml and 250ml per hour. The “plant savior” can keep plants alive for up to a week. Many models are available on several online sales platforms.

The app to see the damage

If, despite all these gadgets, your automatic watering plan has tragically failed, and you’re left with gaunt looking plants, it’s time for a diagnosis. Is the irrigation system responsible for such degeneration? Did your plant catch a disease while you were away? The awesome PictureThis app will tell you.

Available on iOS et Android, it offers a paid offer to scan your plants. An AI then determines what is wrong with them, and the app then gives you advice on how to restore these yellowish leaves to their former green tone.

Of course, it is also quite possible to make your own homemade gadgets to ensure the regular watering of your plants in your absence: bottle upside down, neck in the ground; a cord or wire connecting a container of water to the pot; or simply leave the pot on a flat dish filled with water, which your green companion will absorb little by little.

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