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New gadgets to simplify your bike journeys

Every spring, it’s the rush to cycle stores. The French are still a people who prefer to take out the little queen when the good weather arrives. Even if since the pandemic, the bike paths in town are well stocked even in the event of difficult weather. To make life easier for urban cyclists, here are two products that respond to common problems, as well as an application that intends to take off.

Bike Tracker d’Invoxia

This is not the newest product. And yet it still proves to be useful. This bluetooth tracker, hidden under your saddle, will give you a good chance of finding your faithful steed once it has been stolen. The story of my stolen bike for the first time had already been told here for Challenges. It turns out that the tracker came back into service and allowed me to find this same bike a second time. This time, I could not count on the help of the police, and I had to learn how to use a cordless grinder in order to be able to get hold of my bike, the police refusing to move in order to to help me get it back. Usually cycle professionals advise to reserve 10% of the price of the bike for locks or devices to find it. This Invoxia Bike Tracker will cost you 119 euros.

Bike tracker GPS d’Invoxia

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