If you are afraid of being tapped when you make a call, all you have to do is dial a special number on your phone.

Phone scams are on the rise. And if you’re worried about being listened to when using a phone, there are several easy ways to find out.

Beware of scams on your phone

Phone scams are on the rise in all sectors. Whether it is for the installation of a heat pump, or to take out a mortgage, the complaints continue to multiply.

Now the scammers are never short of ideas. Indeed, for several months, a new telephone scam was born.

Following the creation of a fake radio station, criminals now offer many gifts. To do this, the scammers collect your phone number. On the line, the latter present themselves as a marketing officer.

Ces last advance that they created a new radio antenna that has just been created. The latter, entitled Super FM is accessible via the 98.5 frequency.

Except that, in reality, this radio does not exist and is even attributed to RTL in many regions. When you are called, the person on the phone promises you the latest items of enormous value.

But that’s not all. Indeed, the person will therefore offer you high-tech products, decorations or fashion items for example. You must dial 0 973 421 156.

Thanks to this news, the scammers can collect a lot of personal data such as postal address, telephone number, to receive your winnings, but not only.

Outsmart the traps

But how do you know if it’s a scam? You should know that no radio station does this kind of contest randomly. Do not hesitate to talk about it to the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution, the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention and the police.

For several years, telephone scams are on the rise. But, be aware that through secret codes, you can prevent hackers from having access to your data.

Worldwide, more than 2.5 billion people currently use a smartphone. Almost everyone wonders if they are being spied on via their phone.

Many applications exist such as iBouse. Users who use Android or Windaube phone can also avoid being hacked.

To find out for sure, just enter the code « *#21# ». From then on, a gray window will open to display the information on the transfer of faxes, SMS, data, voice and calls.

If call forwarding is active, it means your smartphone is being spied on. With the number displayed, you can know the identity of whoever tried to interfere in your privacy… Just that.

Simple codes to set up

So you will understand. By composing the code *#21#, you are now aware that your phone is tapped and spied on. This code therefore allows both “remedy active hijacking from your smartphone and know the person who wants to spy on you”specifies the media Ferocee.com.

You can also cancel all call forwarding. For this there is another code. On Android just type *# 0*#. This will allow you to view general information about your mobile phone.

The code *#*#34971539#*#* reveals all camera information. *#2663# lets you know the information about the screen.

Then the code *#*#2663#*#* is useful for knowing the status of the touch screen. Finally, the code *#*#4636#*#* displays phone, network or Wi-Fi information.

On the iPhone, the code *3282# allows you to have more information about your iPhone. The code *#76# is used to deactivate or activate the connected line of the iPhone.

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