We told you last week about Microsoft’s ambition to integrate ChatGPT into its Word, Outlook and PowerPoint software. The content-generating AI craze continues with the recent presentation of DesignerBot published by the company Beautiful.ai.

A disruptive AI

Concretely, this tool can generate complete PowerPoint presentation templates from a simple text query. He refines the layout, adds photos, and writes a structured text. Of course, the assembly can then be modified as desired by the user to take account of his wishes.

Looking closely at the video provided by the company, one is indeed impressed by the efficiency of the service. It would of course have to be tested over time, but this start is very promising.

It is in a way the end of the fear of the blank page of which very many employees are victims. The AI ​​provides a work base on which it is then possible to interact. We can imagine the immense gain in productivity offered by such a service.

Mitch Grasso, founder and current director of Beautiful.ai sells dreams: “Instead of wondering where to start a presentation, users can simply ask DesignerBot to ‘design a presentation for a mobile app that sells concert tickets’, ‘create a marketing plan for social media deployment’ or “build an effective sales pitch for my software”.

He adds : “From this single prompt, 10-20 slides are generated and ready to present or make further edits. This is the power of generative AI and its disruptive aspect. It reduces the time spent designing presentations and gives more time to focus on the substance. »

Adobe and Canva are mobilizing

As our colleagues from FastCompany, Beautiful.ai is not the only one to have entered this very promising market. Adobe also relies heavily on generative AI, as does Canva, which offers a tool capable of creating documents integrating text and images using a simple text query.

For its part, and as we explained to you above, Microsoft aims to add ChatGPT to Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. In particular, we can imagine seeing the AI ​​giving advice on the style of writing, producing certain passages, or responding to certain e-mails. In any case, it will be necessary to improve the text generator. The latter tends to lie in a peremptory tone, which can ultimately cause big problems.

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