This accessory promises to fix the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Drift problem once and for all.

It is one of the worst scourges experienced by the Nintendo Switch today. The Joy-Con Drift, a very famous problem that is still a black spot on Nintendo’s CV, has not yet been solved by the firm… so others are tackling it. This is the case of the company Gulikitspecialist in accessories for consoles and controllers, which offers a (not so) revolutionary gadget to bury the worry of the Joy-Con Drift forever.

It is simply a new joystick module, with hall sensitivity technology. This is a process already used in Dreamcast controllers to name a few. At first glance, Gulikit’s invention seems in all respects similar to the original Nintendo hardware, but it is not. The firm explains that its accessory uses electromagnetic technology, which therefore has no physical contact between the various components, which is the very basis of the Joy-Con Drift.

Less friction automatically means less wear, making the joystick even more durable and precise than the Nintendo Switch. All this for a similar design and an unchanged gaming experience. The company adds that its gadgets are fully compatible with Nintendo’s machine and can even change caps more easily for greater customization.

Several solutions: which one to choose?

Since the time it has existed, the Joy-Con Drift has found several solutions to overcome it, more or less effective, and more or less durable. The first is to send your controllers back to Nintendo, which even takes them back out of warranty, but sends them back to you several weeks later with delivery costs at your expense. However, you have the guarantee of a reliable manufacturer’s repair.

The second solution was found by a youtubeur, and simply consists of opening his controller to place a piece of cardboard. A rudimentary technique, but which has proven itself and costs nothing. In terms of durability, nothing is guaranteed, but in terms of value for money, this solution is unbeatable.

Finally, the Gulikit joysticks seem promising and guarantee you permanent repairability for around thirty euros. Is it worth it? It’s up to consumers to decide, but it’s not now no longer the choice that is missing to have your Joy-Con Drift repaired.

Buy Joystick Hall for Joy-Con Drift from Gulikit

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