News bon plan Intel Core: 13th generation processors are already on pre-order!

Innovation does not stop and even if it means shaking up uses a little. The 13th generation of Intel Core processors is already on the way and pre-orders are going well with already competitive prices!

Intel Core processor: the 13th generation arrives at

The name of can speak to some and some. Indeed, it is an online sales site that specializes in the sale of high-tech products. Particularly specialized in the sale of computer equipment, it is a reference in terms of gaming and cutting-edge equipment.

It is therefore not surprising to find the latest generation of Intel Core processors at home for pre-order. And, as surprising as it may seem, at very competitive prices.

Pre-order the Intel Core i7 13700K at €609.95 at

Pre-order the Intel Core i9 13900K at €849.95 at

13th Generation Intel Core: More Optimized Power?

The processor is truly the heart of the PC. It is from him that comes the power to be able to carry out all the applications. From launching a simple program to calculating the shots in your games, it is from it that all the prowess of your PC comes.

And who says powerful PC, says powerful processor. And there, we have the 13th generation of one of the majors of the sector which has just arrived: the Intel Core processors. The latter offer a different architecture. Indeed, the innovation is to see a hybridization between the x64 and x86 architecture.

But this is not the strongest. In fact, what makes the real turning point of these processors is the implementation of two types of hearts (cores). Indeed, Intel has decided to make the difference between background tasks and those that occasionally require an increase in activity. And Intel named them Efficient-Core and Performance-Cores respectively.

The 13th generation of Core processors from Intel also has dual compatibility between DDR4 and the brand new DDR5. This means that you can already integrate them into your configurations.

Be careful though: 13th generation Intel Core processors can only be installed on motherboards with a 1700 socket.

Pre-order the Intel Core i7 13700K at €609.95 at

Pre-order the Intel Core i9 13900K at €849.95 at

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