• Huawei Watch Buds is a 2-in-1 product that doubles as a wireless earphone case
  • The watch tracks health and wellness and uses Huawei’s Celia assistant
  • Headphones have an active noise canceling function

Instead of buying a connected watch and wireless headphones, you can opt for this 2 in 1 product offered by Huawei. The Chinese brand had the ingenious idea of ​​combining the two products in one, using the connected watch as a charging and storage box for wireless headphones. The design is ideal for those who need wireless headphones (because the jack is almost dead) but don’t want to bother with a case for those headphones. In addition to this innovative design, Huawei’s Watch Buds also offer very interesting (theoretical) autonomy.

© Huawei

At a time when the United States is tightening its sanctions and again threatening Huawei smartphones, the manufacturer has decided to beef up its offer in connected accessories with these Watch Buds. A product that stands out thanks to a practical design. As you can see, the screen is a cover and the headphones are stored in the case (dimensions: 47mm × 47.5mm × 14.99mm). Huawei uses magnets that attach these headphones, so the user does not need to position the wireless headphones properly when storing them. A slight pressure is enough to open the case.

Huawei Watch Buds

© Huawei

Watch Buds: 3 days of autonomy and full of features

Autonomy level, the watch can last 3 days in typical use, according to Huawei. As for wireless headphones, one charge provides 3 hours of audio playback and 2 hours of calls, if noise reduction is activated. Despite their small size, these headphones integrated into the Watch Buds watch offer all the features expected of a premium product: touch controls, noise reduction, optimization in relation to the user’s auditory canal, etc.

As for the watch, this is also an interesting competitor to the Apple Watch. Huawei hasn’t forgotten about health and wellness tracking. The Watch Buds have heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and SpO2 sensor for oxygen levels. For physical activities, more than 80 training modes are supported. And for productivity, the Watch Buds have an assistant. The watch is also compatible with Android and iOS. The price is 499.99 euros.

Obviously, you can find more interesting smartwatches or more interesting wireless headphones on the market. However, this new Huawei product has a practical interest in that it is a 2-in-1 product that avoids carrying a box of wireless headphones, in addition to a smartphone and a connected watch. . Note that Nokia had the same idea. Its wireless headphones, however, are not integrated into a smartphone or a connected watch, but into a basic telephone.

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