Kaleidoscope is Netflix’s new exclusive event series. A production with a new concept since you can watch this program in any order. On the other hand, how to watch the series and its 8 episodes in the right chronological order? We give you the list here.


Kaleidoscope on Netflix is ​​a unique heist series, airing out of order except for the final episode. Hate the idea of ​​a new interactive series and just want the story in order, without the hassle? You are in the right place.

Netflix: how to watch Kaleidoscope in chronological order?

Written and directed by Eric Garcia, the series Kaleidoscope revolves around a gigantic heist led by Leo Pap (played by Giancarlo Esposito) and his team of criminals. The robbery, exceptionally long, spans 25 years.

The plan is to steal the most secure vault on the East Coast of the United States, requiring not one, but a multitude of jobs. And of course, the motive isn’t just about getting rich, it’s also about revenge.

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The series, Netflix says, is loosely inspired by the curious case of stock and bond certificates in an underground Wall Street vault that were allegedly damaged by flooding from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Each episode carries a different color name and tells either a character’s backstory, a little offhand reference, or the planning of the heist itself. All episodes are available, but the viewing order is random. Here’s how to watch the series, though. Kaleidoscope in the correct order episode by episode:

  1. Violet (24 years before the robbery)
  2. Vert (seven years before the robbery)
  3. Jaune (six weeks before the robbery)
  4. Orange (three weeks before the robbery)
  5. Bleu (five days before the robbery)
  6. Blanc (the robbery)
  7. Rouge (the morning after the robbery)
  8. Rose (six months after the robbery)

Series Kaleidoscope can be found now on Netflix.

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