Your Joy-Con does not work well? The joystick moves by itself or a button does not work? You should have it repaired by Nintendo. This process is free, here’s how.

Defective Joy-Con? The way forward (free image)

Since its release in 2017, some models of Nintendo Switch meet a problem with their controllers, a problem with the joystick which means that it can start moving on its own. If you play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for example, you will see Link moving forward without touching the controller or the camera moving on its own, without any action on your part.

This problem, named « Joy-Con Drift » by the community, is random. Some controllers have it, some don’t, there are no secrets. The problem also affects the Nintendo Switch V2 released in 2019 as well as the Nintendo Switch OLED which will not have solved the problem. Joy-Con controllers purchased separately are unfortunately also affected.

In the United Kingdom, a survey showed that two out of five Joy-Cons were affected by this problem. At this point, Nintendo is still the subject of a class action lawsuit and a complaint by the UFC What to Choose.

In response, Nintendo has revised its policy and has been offering repair your controller for free on condition that your Nintendo Switch or Joy-Con is under warranty. But then, what if this happens to you? Here are the steps to follow.

🤔 What is the Joy-Con Drift?

The Joy-Con Drift is an issue where your Nintendo Switch controller, the Joy-Conacts as if something is moving the control stick, joystick, even when nothing moves. This could mean that the video game camera, cursor, or characters on your Switch keep moving even when you’re not touching the controller.

This problem is of worrying magnitude internationally. It also tends to get worse over time, possibly due to wear or dust accumulation inside the controller. Ultimately, this is due to a flawed design.

If you’re having this problem on a Joy-Con, you can try using the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this article to fix it. These steps have helped many people, but most of the time, the only permanent solution is to obtain a repair or replacement from Nintendowhich we also explain to you right here.

👉 My Joy-Con no longer works: how do I get a free repair from Nintendo?

  1. Meeting on Nintendo’s help page.
  2. From the new list, select Joy-Con.
  3. Select your problem. If you are a victim of Joy-Con Drift, select: Joy-Con controller sticks don’t respond properly or don’t work.
  4. A help topic opens. Follow the steps advised by Nintendo. If nothing works, go down and select ” No, I want to create a repair request ».
  5. Choose your Nintendo Switch model and the accessories you return with your console. If it’s a Joy-Con, don’t get the wrong model.
  6. Fill in all the necessary details: address, postal date, date of purchase, etc.
  7. Send the repair request. Nintendo will send you an email with a return slip to print. All you have to do is send your package and wait.

Also be aware that a company also offers a paid solution to fix the Joy-Con Drift issue, but we haven’t tried it.

🧐 My Joy-Con no longer works, what can I do on my own?

1. Check that your controllers are properly connected

Nintendo’s support page suggests you check that your Joy-Con controllers are correctly linked to the Switch. To do this, go to the home screen and press the Controllers button.

The image on the left side of the screen shows all currently paired controllers. Make sure this is the real thing and slide your Joy-Cons in and out of the console to see if the image updates accordingly.

If your Joy-Cons are not registering properly, go to Switch Grips/Control and press the minus (–) or plus (+) button. Then follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Joy-Cons again.

2. Update your Nintendo Switch

It’s rare, but the problem may be software, which means you can usually fix it with an update. The Nintendo Switch operating system update is a great way to fix all sorts of problems caused by software bugs.

You’ll need to make sure your Switch is connected to Wi-Fi first. Then all you have to do is go to the home screen, select Settings > System, and tap Update. system day.

3. Update your Joy-Con firmware

Besides the operating system of your Nintendo Switch, you can also update Joy-Con firmware. It is important to update the Switch system first, because you might need the latest operating system to be able to use the latest firmware for your Joy-Con.

After updating your Switch, from the HOME menu, select Console Settingsthen scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen and select Joysticks and sensors then Update controllers in the submenu. Your Switch will update each controller, one at a time. Wait for all updates to complete before testing your Joy-Con again.

4. Recalibrate your Joy-Con

It’s possible that your joysticks are pulling to one side because the calibration is incorrect. This basically means that the stick sensors no longer know where the center is. This is easy to solve by recalibrating your controllers in the settings.

From the HOME menu, select Console Settingsthen scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen and select Joysticks and sensors then Stick calibration.

If nothing has worked, go back above for the procedure to obtain the free repair of your Joy-Con at Nintendo.

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