On Instagram, users can post photos and videos of their daily lives, their vacations, and even their brand’s products. The font used on the application is the same for everyone. However, some accounts manage to use different fonts thanks to font generators. These third-party sites use a code compatible with that of Instagram, to generate texts in original fonts which can then be used on the social network.

Why change your font?

Each typeface has its particularities and makes it possible to convey a message and values: a typeface that sticks to the image of a brand allows you to have an overview of the brand’s values ​​at a glance .

It’s also a way to stand out from other accounts, which use the application’s native font.

How to change the writing on Instagram?

To change the font on Instagram, you will have to go through a font generator: a third-party site that allows you to generate text in a chosen script. Most sites are compatible with Instagram, and also with Facebook et Twitter.

On most sites, the steps to embed custom text on Instagram are as follows:

  1. Go to a site offering fonts for Instagram

2. Write your text in the text box

3. Choose a font

4. Copy the generated text in the desired font

5. Paste this text on Instagram

Custom text generators for apps like Instagram use Instagram-compatible code. This is why the texts copied from a text generator are displayed well in the custom font on Instagram while the texts copied from a word processing software like Microsoft Word will be in the native font of Instagram.

What sites offer original fonts to use on Instagram?

There are a multitude of sites that allow you to generate free text in the font of your choice. Some sites push customization even further by allowing you to choose the font for each letter. The different sites can be used from a computer or a smartphone:

  • InstaFonts : the site offers different fonts, and even to create your own font from different fonts
  • Meta Tags : Meta Tags has the particularity of offering a preview of fonts on Instagram and Twitter
  • Fancy Text : in addition to custom fonts, the site offers special characters such as arabesques to add to the text

What texts can be personalized?

For Instagram, texts using custom writing can be used in:

  • Caption of a post
  • Comment under a post
  • Account Bio
  • Account name
  • Story

For stories, there is even an alternative to customize the font.

How to change the writing of your Instagram stories?

To change the font in story, there are two solutions:

  • Font generator: Just like bio, name, post captions and comments, texts copied from a font generator can be used in stories.
  • From the application: after clicking on the “+” then on “Story”, just click on the photo or video chosen to add text. The “Aa” menu gives access to different fonts, and even an option to highlight the text and to make it appear offline.

Which typeface to choose?

While it’s tempting to use a fancy typeface, it’s best to use a neutral typeface that’s easy to read.

It is also advisable to use custom fonts only for short pieces of text, so as to emphasize them. Also, some devices do not recognize custom fonts well and may not display them correctly.

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