Group fitness classes are great, but they’re expensive. At-home workout classes can be a great alternative, but still often require dipping into your wallet. But if you’re already paying for a Netflix subscription, here’s some good news: you now have access to free fitness classes.

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At the end of last year, Netflix partnered with Nike Training club, giving Netflix subscribers access to stream fitness classes. Divided into programs, each Nike Training Club installment has multiple episodes to stream, totaling 30 hours of exercises.

The Nike Training Club programs on Netflix include:

  • Kickstart Fitness with the Basics (13 episodes)
  • 20 minute workouts (10 episodes)
  • 30 minute workouts (3 episodes)
  • 10 minute workouts (26 episodes)
  • Two Weeks to a Stronger Core (7 episodes)
  • Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga (6 episodes)
  • HIT & Strength with Tara (14 episodes)
  • Feel-Good Fitness (6 episodes)
  • High Intensity Training (14 episodes)
  • Bodyweight Burn (16 episodes)

Each program has varying intensity levels, time durations, and instructors to give a more custom feel.

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Ready for your Netflix subscription to transform your space into a free fitness class studio? Here’s how to “Just stream it.”

How to stream Nike Training Club classes on Netflix

First, use your credentials to log into your Netflix account on whichever device you want to stream your workout from (can be your TV, smartphone, laptop, etc).

Once you’re logged into your account, type “Nike Training Club” into the search bar like you would search for any other show or movie.

Searching for Nike Fitness club on a Roku TV with a hand holding the remote. The results pop up in small squares of ten.

With a simple Netflix search on your designated streaming device, you have free access to 10 programs with multiple fitness episodes.

Christina Darby/ZDNET

After Netflix generates the search results, you’ll see 10 different programs to choose from. Select which program your body is in the mood to move to. I’ve personally been enjoying the “Fall in love with Vinyasa yoga” program after my sitting marathon at work.

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A list of episodes will drop down once you select your program.

Note: You don’t have to do the workouts in chronological order. Choose which one sounds the most fun, you have the most time for, or even do a few back-to-back.

Select a workout and your guided sweat sesh will start streaming like any other show on Netflix.

Now you can consider canceling any other fitness subscriptions or gym memberships you have to save money.


Is Nike Training Club still free?

The Nike Training Club app is still free to use and download. If you have a Netflix subscription, regardless of which plan, the Nike Training Club classes are accessible via Netflix and built into your Netflix membership.

Does Netflix have free fitness classes?

Starting in December of 2022, Netflix officially entered it’s fitness streaming era. Partnering with Nike Training Club, Netflix members can now stream HIIT, yoga, and eight other workout programs alongside Netflix’s extensive movie and TV catalog.

Where can I find free online fitness classes?

Netflix is just one option that allows you to stream fitness classes for free. if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can also just download the Nike Training app for free. YouTube is also a great option for finding free workout videos and even fitness plans. Yoga with Adriene, MadFIt, Officialthenxand Juice & Toya are some great fitness YouTube channels sure to get you sweating at no (financial) cost.

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