Are you one of the thousands of people whose luggage was lost on their last plane trip? You waited days to find out where your suitcase was? Are you still waiting?!

To prevent a similar situation from happening again in the future, consider getting the baggage tracker of the hour: the famous AirTag.

Launched by Apple in 2021 and designed for iPhones, the AirTag is not 100% new and it is not the only one tracker of luggage offered on the market. But it is experiencing a resurgence of interest after the extraordinary chaos of the holiday season and, according to some articles, such as or it stands out advantageously from the others.

**See below for other plotter suggestions if you are not using Apple products**

The principle is simple: you connect your tracker to your phone, you place it in your checked baggage, then presto! you track it on your iPhone, no matter where it is in the world.

What is the technology behind? “Your AirTag emits a secure Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by devices in the Locate (Find My) network located in the vicinity, explains the manufacturer. These transmit his location to iCloud, and you can then see him on a map in the Find My app.”

As for the autonomy of the AirTag, it has a replaceable battery that would last for about a year.

As for data security, Apple says the process is “anonymous and encrypted” to protect privacy. It should be noted, however, that concerns have been raised in connection with this type of tracking device.

The cost of the AirTag is 39$ CAD.

Suitcase traced, but…

The advantage of having a tracker is that you will know where your suitcase is and you will not have to wait for your airline to locate it in case of loss or delay.

That said, that does not necessarily mean that you will have your luggage in your own hands more quickly, since you will still have to do business with the carrier to recover it at your destination or on your return. But at least you will have proof and precise information on its location!

Obviously, THE easiest way to be sure that your suitcase is on the same flight as you is to travel only with a cabin bag… but we know that this is not always possible!

AirTag Apple, 39$

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Compatible iOS et Android.


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