The New York Times reveals that Sergey Brin and Larry Page have reportedly been called back to Google to speed up its AI plans as ChatGPT threatens its future.

The surprise popularity of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s tool, has created panic at Google. Simply ask some questions to ChatGPT to understand all the potential that this tool could have in the future to generate answers faster and in a more relevant way than a search engine like Google.

The threat

Microsoft has understood this and intends to work twice as hard on AI, in particular by working to mix ChatGPT and Bing. At Google, it is therefore the red alert for a few weeks to react quickly to this threat.

Indeed, if a tool like ChatGPT were to replace requests to Google in the uses of Internet users tomorrow, the giant’s entire economy could be jeopardized. Even today, it is thanks to the advertisements displayed on its search engine and associated services that Google recovers most of its income. The firm is structured around this product.

Google would launch more than 20 projects in 2023

The New York Times informs us that Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the two founders of Google, would be back in the company to manage this crisis taken very seriously by Google. Objective: oversee the giant’s strategy around the adoption of AI and give a boost.

The two men would have validated the integration of chatbot functions in the Google search engine. We can therefore imagine that in the future, it will be possible to ask questions directly to Google, in a more natural way than today.

According to the American newspaper, it is more than 20 new products and a new version of the search engine that Google would like to unveil this year. These will not necessarily be applications aimed at the general public. Google would indeed prepare tools for application creators Androidmaking it easier to generate or fix code, or more generally AI-based products for businesses.

This is the first project followed with such importance by Larry Page and Sergey Brin since their departures in 2019. Since then, he could offer some advice on Google’s long-term plans, but here they would be back in charge of business intelligence.

Don’t go faster than the music

The challenge for Google is to ensure the security of the tools that the firm would like to develop around AI. The firm cannot afford to take the same risks as a startup like OpenAI.

It is necessary that the Google search engine continues to offer reliable results, without abusing the dominant position of the engine. A generative AI like ChatGPT is able to pull many databases from its sources. Google has to be careful not to infringe copyright to generate possible answers from its cat.

Last but not least, Google must ensure that it does not jeopardize its own business model. How to offer answers in a conversation while integrating the notion of advertising-sponsored answering.

The firm must therefore tackle major issues, and wishes to do so quickly to avoid any risk of new competition while ensuring that it does not harm itself. We can understand the feeling of panic that transpires from this moment.

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