Multiple Millers will star in The Flash.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

The Dark Knights return! The trailer banks on not one but two Batman heroes with Micheal Keaton and Ben Affleck featured prominently in the The Flash trailer. We can’t fully deal with this and it looks like double Barry time too.

Almost 10 years in the making, DC’s long-awaited solo film for The Flash is finally here—giving audiences their first look at the speedy superhero’s return. And it just an absolute wild bonkers look at what to expect with when Barry breaks the universe into one where Zod shows up and there’s no meta-humans but Keaton’s Batman is there, so that helps. Seeing the Anton Furst Batmobile, are you for reals?

Watch it here:

The Flash – Official Trailer

James Gunn tweeted the trailer out before the big game to fully make a huge entrance for DC Studios. Gunn was quoted as saying The Flash is one of the best superhero movies he’s ever seen and that it perfectly resets things for everything they have coming. But at what cost?

Beyond everything that’s in that footage, it’s wild to just think back on what seeing it means. As mentioned, Miller was first cast as the Flash in 2014 ahead of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and in the near decade since, multiple directors and writers have taken a crack at The Flash. Filming finally began in 2021 with a story that was reportedly going to reboot the DC universe, featuring all manner of cameos. That was, of course, before Miller began to have multiple run-ins with the law and face a wide range of unsettling accusations, putting into question whether the film would be released at all.

There will be so much to discuss in regard to The Flash in the coming weeks and months. For now, tell us what you think about the trailer below.

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