Rather chilly? Get out of the shower or bath without ever worrying about getting cold thanks to this device that warms your towels. Large capacity, compact and portable, it not only moves from room to room in the house, but is also large enough to hold blankets, towels, as well as pajamas.

Many people must have this reflex: when we get out of the shower or bath, we try to dry ourselves as quickly as possible to put on our dressing gown or our clothes to warm us up.

What if I told you that it’s possible to never experience these moments of discomfort again… All it takes is an investment of less than $200!

Warm up your towels in no time

Are you the chilly type? This product is definitely for you then.

With this heated towel rail you will never again have to make the sacrifice of being cold when you get out of the shower or even being cold in your bed or sofa.

Yes heated towel rail obviously allows us to heat our towels, it can also heat our dressing gown, our blanket or even our pajamas. In short, we can say goodbye to the cold!

It’s hard to imagine a better way to end your bath than to jump into your already warmed pajamas!

The heated towel rail can hold up to two large towels at a time. The device has an automatic timer with touch control that switches off after 60 minutes have elapsed.

Since it has a double-walled insulated lid, the heat is well retained inside, but the handle remains cool to the touch so you don’t get burned when opening it.

The heated towel rail has a dimension of 18 inches high by 13 inches wide which allows us to easily place it in the bathroom. Otherwise, it remains compact and lightweight so it can easily be moved from place to place for storage.

In terms of price, good news, while it remains below $200 when you buy it on the web.

Let’s say that with cold weather that lasts more than half the year, the cost of purchase quickly becomes profitable!


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