The emergence of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot, has put AI-based products in the spotlight. And among the companies that could benefit from this trend is the European company DeepL. Its flagship product is an automatic translator, which the company claims provides higher translation quality than Google Translate and Bing (conclusion of a blind test with professional translators).

For the moment, this German company is a hit. Recently, it has also reached the status of unicorn, with a valuation that exceeds one billion dollars, following a recent fundraising. Thanks to a paid “Pro” version of its translator, DeepL is already generating revenue. It is even showing very good growth and should soon start generating profits.

After the translation, here is DeepL Write

However, this new unicorn does not intend to be satisfied with the translation. And among the products it is developing is a new product called DeepL Write. This has just been launched in beta, and is available for free online. In essence, it is a service that allows you to improve your texts. The only downside is that at the moment DeepL Write only supports English and German.

In any case, it’s the kind of artificial intelligence with concrete applications that could quickly become popular. And if the translator is a competitor of Google Translate, DeepL Write is positioned more as an alternative to Grammarly. As the company explains, its new product doesn’t just correct grammar, it suggests alternatives on phrasing, tone, style and word choice.

“DeepL Write offers something for everyone, regardless of language proficiency. Whether you need to refine some wording in your first language or check accuracy in your second (or third!) language, you can use the tool to feel more confident in your writing”can we read in the presentation.

Better texts thanks to AI

According to DeepL, Write would be particularly useful for journalists, authors, or even researchers, who can use the suggestions of artificial intelligence to boost their creativity. Like its translator, this new product uses “a sophisticated neural network technology that captures the context and nuances of the original text to provide rewording suggestions and alternative word choices.”

Screenshot with an excerpt from DeepL’s English announcement. © DeepL Write

Concretely, to use DeepL Write, you must go to the page of this new tool: Then you access an interface similar to that of the translator. You choose between British English, American English, or German, and you paste your text. Next, DeepL will suggest changes. On suggestion, you can use DeepL to get word suggestions, but the tool can also provide edits for whole sentences.

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