For the Amazon sales, the Samsung T7 SSD 2TB version sees its price drop like never before, thanks to a crazy reduction. Limited parts in stock, first come, first served!

Looking for an external storage medium to carry your files, photos, videos, and other documents everywhere with you? Note that there is currently a great offer from Amazon which allows you to equip yourself with the excellent Samsung T7 external SSD with a capacity of 2 TB.

While they usually have to pay 319 euros to equip themselves with it, a discount drops its price to just 199 euroswhich you can take advantage of a 60 euro Samsung ODR, an unprecedented final price of 139 euros! The size of a credit card, it is the best solution to take with you all that matters.

I take advantage of the offer

For this price, there is simply no better on the market. Given the size of the discount applied, it’s a safe bet that the parts in stock will sell out quite quickly. It will therefore be necessary to waste no time and take action without further delay, at the risk of missing out.

Samsung T7: the reliable and efficient external SSD

Very popular with many users, the Samsung T7 is also an Amazon bestseller. In addition to its ultra attractive price, it will allow you to easily store all your personal data. Photos, vacation videos, but also all your professional documents and other types of files. Even if cloud storage solutions tend to become more popular, it is always good to have a physical medium at hand.

Additionally, cloud storage is usually offered as a paid monthly subscription. This means that you have to pay a sum of between 10 and 15 euros every month to store your files. In the case of the Samsung T7 external SSD, you pay 119.99 euros only once and enjoy the advantages and the 1,000 GB of this SSD for life.

Concretely, in terms of profitability, it is difficult to do better. If security is the main argument of companies specializing in cloud storage, Samsung has not neglected it on its Samsung T7. The latter provides an almost similar level of security, including AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Also, let’s not forget that the cloud is much more prone to various threats and cyber attacks than your Samsung hard drive.

This SSD T7 is based on a USB 3.1 Type C interface and there are also two ready-to-use cables in the box: a USB type C to Type C cable and a type C to type A cable. This Samsung external SSD is also very compact and light since it has the size of a credit card (85 x 57 x 8 mm) for a featherweight of only 58 grams – with an aluminum design that breathes quality.

Therefore, it is easily transportable and has the advantage of ensuring compatibility with the majority of operating systems. This means that you can use it without problems with devices running Android, MacOS, but also Microsoft Windows – such as smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, etc.

In terms of performance, thanks to NVMe technology, this Samsung T7 SSD model offers speeds of up to 1050 MB/s. That is 5 times faster than a standard model. In other words, you won’t waste time backing up and/or copying your personal data. As small as it is, this Samsung T7 hard drive nevertheless offers top-flight performance. It is nonetheless also very resistant and solid over time since the manufacturer ensures that it can withstand a fall of two meters.

Add to that a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and you can rest easy. As a reminder, the Samsung T7 2TB hard drive is at 139 euro (via ODR) sales time at Amazon.

To take advantage of the exceptional offer on the 2 TB external SSD Samsung T7, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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