The mission of Christmas presents proves to be all the more complicated when we are dealing with people around us who already seem to have everything. It’s hard to surprise loved ones by showing originality when they don’t lack anything. In order not to fall into the ease of an expected and too little personalized gift, there is in fact no shortage of gadgets as original as they are unusual which will surely satisfy all those people to whom you never know what to give. To make your job easier and guide you during your end-of-year shopping, we have unearthed a host of out-of-the-ordinary gifts to slip under the tree, in order to make you stand out and prove to everyone at shopping time. opening gifts you have more than one trick up your sleeve.

What gifts to give to someone who already has everything?

If you have manual people in your circles, there is no doubt that they will be delighted to learn about knitting through DIY kits like those imagined by We are Knitterswhen the most patient will fall for the puzzles with a thousand and one ultra fun pieces of Piece and Love. To equip the kitchen of a lover of technological machines, we take a look at the household appliances department in search of new appliances: a mini electric pizza oven I’m sorry for Sunday pizza makers, a Sodastream for those who like it sparkling, or one of the latest novelties from Nespresso for your loved ones who would really need to change Coffee machine.

We think about it only too infrequently, but the board games are also among the gift ideas of choice, for adults who have lost none of their child’s soul and who have a taste for a challenge, or in anticipation of even more lively evenings with your friends or family. The puzzles to solve bring a mysterious side to your Advent calendar. To test absolutely!

We don’t want to go too far, but it’s a safe bet that none of your loved ones have a heating pad yet. Stove. Ultra cozy and comforting, it will however become the best friend of the most chilly people during the winter, and we speak knowingly.

Because there are some who are particularly attached to the idea of ​​immortalizing their most beautiful memories on glossy paper, perhaps you should consider finally offering them one of these instant cameras like those ofInstax they’ve been eyeing for months…

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